Using the present Indian railways as Commuter rail in Bangalore

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For the past month or so, i have been regularly using the IR trains running between cantonment station and whitefield station to commute to my office near Whitefield.  I am travelling by train only in the mornings, as the frequency is decent. Its a struggle to find trains in the evenings.  I find the trains reliable and on schedule  most of the time. Surprisingly there are quite few of folks from IT sector already using this service regularly for office commute. Approximate travel time from cantonment station to whitefield station is 40  min with 2 minute stops at East station, byapannahalli station and K R puram station.  Find below my schedule for the trains....

And cost for passenger trains in Rs.3/- and express trains Rs.25/-. 
It would good if more people start using the existing trains for daily commute and create a pressure on system so that IR will actually introduce commuter trains. Let me know if anyone needs more info on how to use IR trains for city commuting.