Quality footpaths from BBMP - good going at Whitefield

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When you see good work, you must appreciate and encourage BBMP. Its not covering all corners of Whitefield, just the main roads. But as they say, level of development of a city is determined by its footpaths and pavements, not the roads. And this is a good beginning.

It started in October I think when material started showing up around the roads

Work began soon after, and there was a bit of a mess. In some cases, irregular pavements done by shop owners and businesses were removed.

One more

Drains on the side were covered, and were connected with the road via a duct under the footpath.

And in a month or so, the footpaths have started emerging, all cement, no irregular stones designed to make you stumble, and notice the slopes around entry and exists to the main road.

Better one here ...

With pavements like this ...

... for once, looks like we will get what we can really walk on, with comfort and without obstructions.

What is the story elsewhere in Bangalore? I see similar work in progress in many areas, does everyone like the work being put in around Bengaluru?