How do I subscribe to a feed

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How do I subscribe to a feed

You can subscribe to a feed from Praja using what is called a Feedreader. Our favourite feedreader is google reader. If you are using a browser like Safari, Firefox or Opera which have a built in feedreader, you should automatically be subscribed to the feed when you click on any feed icon [  ] on our Subscriptions page.

To subscribe to the feed in your google reader, you can just click on  icon next to the feed. Follow steps from google from there.

If you are really a nerd  and fond of  ways based on 'first principles', then follow the steps below.

A. Right-click on the link of content you want to subscribe to on the subscription page. Select 'copy link' or 'copy link location' or similar option (depending on your browser). You would have now copied the address of the feed you want to subscribe to.

B. Now go to your google reader (or your favorite reader). You can log in with your google/gmail id or create one if you dont have one. On the left side menu click on 'Add subscription' and in the text box that appears paste the link address you copied in the previous step.

C. Click 'Add'

After you click 'Add' you should see recent posts of your interest appearing on the main area.  As easy as that. Now on you will see all the new content added on Praja whenever you log into your google reader.

The video on this page shows how to subscribe to any feed using google reader after explaining what is a feed. After you are at Praja's subscriptions page, just follow the instructions in the video.