Now everyone can Blog! and other site changes

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Effective today, we are introducing some changes to the way users write posts on Praja. Starting today, all users will be able to post blogs on Praja.

Moreover, we will also stop new forum topics from being added. The old forum posts will remain accessible.We have introduced these changes to reduce the confusion between Forums and Blogs.

We have also introduced 'Categories' for the posts. The current categories are tentative and we can change them based on your feedback. We will appreciate your help in drawing up a exhaustive 'category tree'. Please leave a comment below. We have also made it easier to choose 'Where' and Categories while writing the post.

All users can now also upload files with their posts directly from their desktops. These can be images or documents. Please note that there is a limit of 1MB for file each file and a total of 5MB of total space for each user. For users who have a high number of Praja points, the 5MB limit is extended to 20MB. [We will post a comment below explaining how to upload images and files].

We hope you like these changes. Please let us know what you think either through comments or by mailing "tech at"