Bangalore pedestrianization projects

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Project to push for pedestrianization of some popular stretches of roads in shopping districts of Bengaluru. We will start with Commercial Street, and then (after learning lessons etc) try Brigade Road, Jayanagar 4th block, Avenue road etc.

Goals? Make Bengaluru aware of the concept, create open air malls as alternatives to modern concrete malls. Promoting walking and pedestrian casues is important because walking is the important aspect of good public transport system which our city aspires to create.

Main tasks will be

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Commercial St. pedestrianization - meeting with shop owners association

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27 Apr 2009 18:00
27 Apr 2009 20:00

First meeting on the issue, with The Bangalore Commercial Association, which is the association of shop owners on Comm. St.

Meeting with Commercial Street (CSt) Merchants Association

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

The meeting with Mr. Shyam Melwani and Mr. Nazim Sait the President and Vice presidents of the association respectively, took place at their board room situated at the Dispensary Road.

The recent closure of the Kamraj road parking by the Army was a setback for the CSt shop keepers business. The reason for the closure was a problem between the Army and the association. People urinating along the wall, safety, security and garbage dumping during the night were some of the problems faced by the Army authorities. The army would like the BBMP to maintain the Urinals built by Army. BBMP has no jurisdiction over the parking area provided by the Army as the land belongs to the Army.

The main requirement of the Association is an adequate parking area at a distance of not exceeding 250 to 500 meters from the commentarial street. The access to CSt is mainly from the Kamraj road side. That from the Shivaji Nagar Side is not so popular. This has caused a divide in the association itself as the shops on Kamraj Road side have an advantage.

We also heard about a dream project of providing about 4000 capacity under ground car park at Parade ground, MG road. This car park will be provided with 4 under ground tunnels opening at 4 locations serving Brigade road, MG road, and at both ends of CST. This is acceptable solution as far CSt Merchants are concerned. They can provide Shuttle service up to the parking lot. This will serve the entire CSt Merchants uniformly. This appears to be an ultimate solution to the parking problem, acceptable to all the Merchants of CSt.

CSt shopkeepers association takes care of Garbage, Hawkers, and beggars problem themselves. There is no back entry to CSt. The trucks have to come only during specific time well before the street is open to business. pedestrianization  is no issue at all.

The ball is in Praja court. The CST association is all for cooperating with Praja to go ahead full steam. 


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Praja meet to plan pedestrianization project

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23 Apr 2009 16:00
23 Apr 2009 17:00
Pedestrian Infrastructure

Thursday, Lalbagh West Gate, 4 pm

Let us make use of election day holiday to plan next steps on pedestrianization project. Refer back to recent discussions on pedestrianization possibilities for Commercial Street and Brigade Road stretch. Looks like there is enough interest and enough legs available to take this forward from mere discussion.

Confirmed attendance: das, silkboard, psaram42.

All are welcome, but remember, our meetings are to plan action. Discussions are reserved only for the website.