My experiment with the Sarjapura road Big10

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I noticed that they have started Big 10 services to Sarjapura road, which takes the following route :

Dommasandra -> Sarjapur signal -> Jakkasandra -> right to Wipro Koramangala -> left to BDA complex -> right to Sony World junction -> Domlur -> M G ROad Police Housing Corporation

Route details are updated in BMTC website, and it shows 15 minutes frequency.

Today i decided to to try one. I wanted to go to Sony world junction from Sarjapur signal. I got a bus without any problem.

For the return journey , at around 12:20 pm, i went at waited at the sony world junction (towards BDA complex road) hoping that the bus would come straight (as it had on the onward journey) To my dismay, a bus came at around 12:35 which took a left turn to 80ft road.

Not knowing which way the bus will turn, I went and waited on the inner ring road side of the junction, hoping to stop the bus before it reached the junction. The next bus turned up at 1:05 pm. It did not stop, because it was green signal and it went straight on the road to BDA complex road!!

OK. Now, i know the bus is not supposed to take a left turn at the junction, and went back to the original position. I kept waiting till 2 pm, and no Big 10 came. There was no bus waiting shed, and the scorching sun forced to terminate my Big 10 experiment.

I hope these are just initial hiccups, and I will continue to use these services.

A couple of points to BMTC:

  1. The bus timings need to be updated int he web site. (I saw an average freuncy of more than 30 mintes, whereas it is shown as 15 in the BMTC site)
  2. The buses should be named by their actual route name (BIG-10-3 in this case) so as not to get confused with other Big 10 routes (i am not a kannadiga, and even though I ahve learned to read Kannada, i cannot read it as fast as it is scrolled on the LED panel!!)
  3. The drivers need to stick to the scheduled bus routes.


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