How to subscribe to Praja Podcasts

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Subscribing to Praja podcasts will enable you to keep upto date with Praja news and discussions through your mobile phone or music player.

Subscribing to podcasts on Praja is easy. Just follow these steps.

  1. If you use iTunes, just click on this link. It will launch iTunes and you will get subscribed to Praja podcasts. The link should also work with a few other software tools. You can click and try it. You can download iTunes freely from here.
  2. If you use other music software (Nokia PC Suite, Windows media player etc) , find out the menu item to add (or subscribe) to a new podcast. Copy and paste as podcast feed URL. You should now be subscribed to Praja podcasts.

Your software will now download the files and you can choose to sync them with your music player or mobile phone to listen to the podcasts on the move.