Namma Auto - traffic awareness project

Project to spread better driving behavior via education and constructive engagement with Autorickshaw drivers.

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Namma Auto (awareness program for auto drivers)

Namma Auto is a community project to bring awareness to auto drivers about the traffic rules and regulations and road safety, this will be the first to create safe roads in Bangalore.

Garden city Bangalore has become the vehicle city with lot of vehicles plying in road more vehicles are being added to the roads which is causing a chaos in the road. Many commuters are violating the traffic rules, causing a lot of accidents and traffic jams. Because of this more lives have been hurt, nearly 20-30% of accidents are caused by not following traffic rules.

If this chaos of not following simple rules of traffic continues for another 5years, we will see nearly three fold increase in traffic jams and accidents. Government will have to spend more money towards taking care of accident victims, increase of road rage and will create an unhealthy environment. Bangalore might become a city of chaos and will lead in the list of accidents caused by road rage, people will be stressed.

There is an urgent need to address the violation of traffic rules, reduce the amount of traffic jams to nearly 40%, reduction in accidents caused by violation of traffic rules. This will eliminate the road rage, allows Government to work on more development activities, and most importantly reduces the stress of people and increases quality of life.

We as a community should start address this issue, since it is difficult to bring awareness to all community. I thought of starting from Auto drivers, which is one of the large community uses the road.

I have planned to arrange a continued traffic awareness program to Auto drivers, through the help of auto union and the community. This will be an opportunity for us to make a difference to this city and also to bring some order to our life.

If you are interested to participate or work with me in making this project a great success request you to contact me.

Namma Auto initiative - Updates :)

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[See this post for details of Namma Auto initiative. Here are some updates on it.]

Hello All,
1)I was able to talk to the Union Leader of one of the Auto union he was ready to provide the necessary support.
2)Received the Training DVD from Pune as suggested by ASJ.
3)Currently working on the translation of Video transcript to Kannada.

We need help in
1)Translating the Kannda and making the Kannada Audio.
2)Work on merging the Audio with the Video.

Let me know if anyone can help us on this.