Some Photos of Where the Road Ends

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A complete dead end to all the work.
Here are some photos of where the Road really ends. If this would have continued, then it could have been connected to the BTM road which goes just beside the lake. But i feel and if i am not wrong, this road is never going to be continued and we would have to suffer for long time, as lot of buildings have already sprung up and it cannot be demolished. These buildings were not there a couple of years ago.

You can see in the below photo vijaya bank colony in the back, and how the road ends.

You can see in the below photo how buildings and apartments have sprung in past one year, which completely puts an end to this road.

Finally we can see the road ending...

A very sad state of affairs that we are living such a country and still have to spend some 30 years, living in this country. that we are still being exploited ........ in this 21st century ........