HOHO off to a slow start

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Saw this in this morning's DH.  Not surprised that it is off to a slow start. 


'“We have no collection at all. Throughout the day we have got only Rs 30 by ferrying the distance,” said the driver of a Kendriya Sarige bus service.'.

'Nearly 66 buses in two opposite directions, namely the Blueline and the Orangeline buses, will ply the inner city roads.'

I will be helping the first point on Saturday.  Why don't we do our Praja meeting at Cubbon Park/MG Road after taking one of these buses?

66 is a lot of buses.  Do we need a Red Line (not the Delhi one), and a Green line as well.  4 CBD routes can be possible with 15 buses on each route some shorter and some longer with overlapping stops to change.  The "shopping" stretch of MG Road has to be covered; buses should go from Richmond Road towards Residency Road and Mayo Hall.  Is Volvo overkill for this - all this needs is those Jet Airways style buses at the airport - lots of standing place and lots of glass.

SB - any hopes of having a discussion with Prof Ramesh and RK on this?  This is an excellent concept and should not be shut down because of lack of revenues.