ABIDe's Bengaluru Governance Act: Basics getting in place?

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ABIDe ... has stressed on creation of a structure that would become the local planning authority for the city and the metropolitan region. Besides this ABIDe’s focus of citizen centric governance has been further enhanced by the proposal of a comprehensive development and co-ordinated execution of developmental projects. See: ABIDe presents Governance Bill


PS: Communication from Rajeev C's office along with the draft. Should be available on ABIde website as well.


Sub. :  Draft Governance Legislation for Bengaluru City

On behalf of Mr. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP and Convener – ABIDe Task Force, I am enclosing herewith the proposed draft legislation for Bengaluru City, tentatively titled Bengaluru Region Governance Act, 2009, which is undergoing public consultation currently.  This is intended to supersede the current KMC Act 1976.

The principles used for drafting the act are citizen centricness, enhanced responsiveness, accountability, transparency and institutionalized citizen and neighborhood involvement in the city’s development.

We would be glad to receive your views / comments on the same, if any.

We also request you to widely circulate this document amongst your friends and colleagues in order to ensure greater visibility / awareness and wider feedback.


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