Customize your experience

We have several tools to help you customize your experience.

  • Account settings - Click on "My Accounts" under "My Praja" menu to edit your account settings. In here, you can change your profile description that is shown to others, your email address on our file, your location details if you are game sharing that, your group memberships, and some more.
  • Private Messages - click on "My Messages" under "My Praja" menu to send "Private essages" to other Praja members. A private message can only be seen by the registered Praja member who you address. Recepient member will only get to see your id, and the message, and nothing else. So use this method to contact other members if you don't want to reveal your email id to them.
  • Post Drafts - If you ended up saving your unfinished post as a draft, find it by going to "My Drafts". If you want to enable "autosave feature" to have your blog posts automatically saved as you are typing it, find and turn on the setting available under "My Accounts".
  • Posts rated by you - If youwould like to quickly check on the posts you have rated on Praja, go to "My Praja" menu, and click on "My rated posts".
  • Praja Points - Most activities on this website site earn your Praja points. Those points help you earn more rights on You can grow on to get blogging rights, moderation rights, and get preference for attending Praja style meetings whenever there is more demand than attendance possible. Track your Praja points here.

Additionaly, beyond what is available in "My Praja" menu, here are some more ways for  you to customize your experience.

  • RSS Feeds - If you'd like to track website activity from your favorite RSS reader, find some information on feeds here.
  • Subscriptions - Keep in touch with activity on the website via your email. Read this 'how to' for more details.