Banerghatta Road to Hosur - shortcut?

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We all know how bad the area round 19th main intersection is. (marker #1 in the map below). So it is not a surprise, that a shortcut to get to Hosur Road is getting pretty popular. I am guessing markers #2 and #3 are it. Or is it a set of roads further south, someone correct or confirm please.
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If a shortcut and alternative road to Electronics City is what people want, why not look at bettering this route? BMIC Peripheral expressway is a bit too south from here, and ORR up north is crowded. This route would sit right in the middle and take some load off ORR. I am guessing that the costs of doing a flyover on ORR at BTM 19th main and augmenting an alternative route like this would be pretty similar.