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Gas Cylinder Leaks - Rise in frequency?

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Family of five injured due to gas leak - News.

To the average consumer, this would simply indicate that the family was negligent as I had been assuming until it happened to me. 

The moment I connected a new cylinder, I heard the gas leaking. (It was a "sealed" cylinder). It was my maid who told me: The rubber seal must be missing, you can buy it for Rs 5/-". True enough, I found the rubber seal at the neck missing.

Expect this to occur again and again. Why is this not a simple case of negligence or a Quality problem? Because the gas agency employees have started a new business - removing the rubber seal at the neck of the gas cylinder. This is a new technique started by the terrorist group 'GAE', so people are not aware of it. If you realize what the problem is and call the agency they will come and replace the rubber seal for Rs 5, pretending that this was an oversight somewhere in the processing, actually they aim to kill people and must be treated as such by the police. But then, the police are in it too as seen by their inaction.

Given that the gas agencies are government related entities, I am not sure I will be able to reach the top bosses who can fix this problem. The simple remedy is to close down the gas agency that sells the cylinder and book the owner for murder.




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its same experience for me too

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In last 3 years, I have experienced 3 times this and  y case Rs5 was not the issue as  Gas agency replaced it free of cost.

But safety of the cylenders have been compromised by the HP / BPCL / IOC   for what  ever reason.  Safety levels of LPG cylenders have come down, as my experience says.

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Mere oversight or willful negligence?

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It has now become the Standard Operating Procedure at my house to check for the rubber seal as the cylinder is being delivered. My fear is that in a hurry to take delivery and pay off the de,iver man, this step might be inadvertantly skipped. It seems to me the delivery guys carry spare seals in their back pockets.

We had a different kind of problem recently with a newly refilled gas cylinder. The cylinder appeared to be full but when turned on the stove won't burn. In my bid to troubleshoot, I assumed that nothing can be wrong with the cyclinder and so suspected the gas line from the cylinder to the stove which is buried in the wall (would have been a pain to repair). It turned out that the cylinder evidently had nothing but compressed air. The gas company guys sheepishly replaced the cylinder and said that this happens from time to time.


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Some solutions for gas cylinder safety - entails expenditure

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TLDR : 1. Ask your gas company about the inspection <supposedly available for Rs 75/->

TLDR:   2. Buy device that saves gas AND provides safety <Rs 3500/- from Relon Trading> comment guidelines

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