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EESL LED bulbs - quality


I am wondering if the quality of the EESL LED bulbs distributed under the Hosa Belaku Yojane meets any well known standards. 

I tried to dig into the specifications but did not find anything. The email response from EESL was evasive.

Is this another scam?

When the government gets into subsidizing something, the taxpayer loses almost always.

Gas Cylinder Leaks - Rise in frequency?

Family of five injured due to gas leak - News.

To the average consumer, this would simply indicate that the family was negligent as I had been assuming until it happened to me. 

Needed: AAP-TV


Given the kind of coverage by the current media houses owned by various politicians and moneybags, AAP needs to have its own channel.

It wont be named Arvind TV. 

The doublespeak of the spindoctors is to be expected.

Not having its own media house is hurting AAP. 

(Apartment) Residents Welfare Association National Confederation Sat 23 Nov 2013

Saw this in The Hindu (19th Nov, 2013):

LEDs on Vehicles - Regulations = better safety for all?

With LEDs becoming cheaper, many have started fitting LEDs to vehicles as decorations.

If fitted with care and some common sense they can look attractive and improve the vehicle's visibility.

The problem starts with people using random colors and placing them on random parts of the vehicle.

I saw a taxi cab with flashing blue and red LEDs on the windscreen.

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