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'Mysore too will get a Bus Day'

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On the first anniversary of the launch of Bus Day in Bangalore, Mysore will start a similar Bus Day service.

Transport Minister R Ashok has spoken to KSRTC officials on starting the service. “We felt that Bus Day should be gradually introduced across the State. Mysore will be the first city after Bangalore to implement Bus Day”, he said. He added that Hubli-Dharwad was also being considered for Bus Day. 

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Ground Realities!

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One hand it is gratifying to know that the idea of Bus Day is resonating in different cities and states. Goodness in perpetuity.

On the other hand it is pertinent to ask BMTC how much it has help them in terms of increased ridership, lessons learned and the changes it has brought in its operations to meet the citizen's expectations and feedback.

Prajagale, those of you who use BMTC service, has anything been changed in BMTC services since we campaigned for 1st Bus Day on Feb 4, 2010?

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'Members of Praja ... instrumental in conceptualising Bus Day'

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The force behind it:Members of Praja, an online community that was instrumental in conceptualising Bus Day, at the annual Bus Day celebrations in Bangalore on Wednesday.


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aha, nice, invasion of privacy now!?

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So shall I indugle in some invasion of privacy by naming the 3 'bus day praja people' in the picture?

Won't do without their consent :)

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Wish BMTC paid as much

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Wish BMTC paid as much attention to their transformation as our Praja friend has shown in growing a moustache. Shows we all havent met in quite a while, price to pay for having a day job which pays bills at home.

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Atlast PRAJA gets its due credit for Bus Day!

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BMTC in its first Bus Day anniversary has rightly given due credit to PRAJA and its members for their unqualified support.

DNA carried a news item with PRAJA name all over the place.

"...It all started when Praja —an Internet-based blog service — started an online forum for the public to discuss their concerns and also voice out their opinions and suggestions to make bus services better. ... Praja took the government officials, academia and transportation experts on board to discuss the plausibility of encouraging people to take public transport for a day, which would, as a result, motivate them take buses everyday..."


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Nicely wriiten piece on Bus Day!

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Nicely written piece by Pranav Jha on Bus Day.

So at the end of an year worth of Bus Days, the ball is firmly in BMTC's hands. A bit of marketing can give you more revenue. And communicating more with commuters, showing that you can work on feedback, can get you even more. So go BMTC, market yourself even more. And when marketing raises expectations, do be ready act on them.

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