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Platform Ticket Issue at the Railway Stations

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Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing this blog, so that I can highlight the issue that I encountered at the Punr Railway station w.r.t. the Platform tickets.


The following issues encountered:

1. Only one window available for the Platform tickets tickets distribution and other tickets distribution.

2. A long queue standing at the same window / counter to buy not only the platform tickets but other tickets as well.

3. No machines for the platform ticketing.




I suggest to adopt the Bus Ticketing fundamental for the Platform ticlkets only.


How it works:

Provide railway officialds with the machines from which Instant tickets can be issued. On every platform there should be few officials available for providing the platform tickets at the designated locations. Once requested by the passenger or the relatives of the passenger they should be issued the platform tickets.

The officials should be in Railway Uniforms so that they can be easily recognizable. Also, there should be sign boards for public so that people can find out where to go for the platform tickets.

Once the people are moving out of the station, the platform ticket checking should be mandatory.


Advantage of the method:

1. There should be no hurry for the passenger to buy the Platform ticket before entering the station.

2. Platform ticket can be bought after entering the station.

3. It will be a good amount of funds for railway infrastructure development.


Best Regards-






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Install ticket vending machine!

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There are ways to make it easier and accessible by providing 'Ticket Vending Machinbe'. Provide both outisde and inside the platform section with Ticket vending machine?

Even the Non-Reserved tickets can be sold through Ticket Vending Machines?

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Ticket Vending Machines has been uninstalled from all the places

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Hi kbsyed61,




I did enquired about the same and found that all the Ticket Vending machines have been removed from all the stations throughout India. 

For example, now there are no Vending machines at the Bengaluru Railway station. Earlier there were two.


Thus, I strongly feel a different workaround for the same.


I feel that this concern should reach the Indian railways.


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same problem in bangalore

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same problem in bangalore railway station. The coin vending machine never seems to work and for 3 rupees ticket, the queue is so long comment guidelines

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