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Passing the Muck

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Once every month this BWSSB truck comes in and cleans out the septic tanks in the area. All the dirt and the grime are cleaned out and put on the road in a heap. It is then the work of the BBMP cleaners to clear that mess. This has led to many showdowns between the two, the latest being this morning when the two almost came to blows.

In the battle, the people living and more importantly walking along the road need to bear the brunt of the stink.

The BBMP workers charge people Rs. 50 for clearing the debris in front of their house. They say its the BWSSB’s job to do it.


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BMP page no mention of sewage disposal. BWSSB FAQ Page says Redressed of citizens grievances pertaining to water supply and sewage disposal. incidently, BWSSB makes no mention of septic tanks anywhere, elli raayre idu?
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Wrong Terminology

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Sorry maybe the word Septic Tank is the wrong word.. its the manholes into which all the drainage connections in a house are directed to..
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V&B Class Problem

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ade antini!! was wondering what was BWSSB doing cleaning up septic tanks. this one is tricky, while in the pipes it is sewage, the moment you take out of the pipes and dump it on the road it becomes garbage. so tell me vikrama, who has to clean it? BWSSB, who own the pipes, or BMP, who own the roads? illaandre tale chur chur maaD biDtini.
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Even Vikrama wont know

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Thanks to the rains, the silt went back to the mori... so BWSSB property again? comment guidelines

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