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National College Grounds - Going Nowhere

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We are looking at building the next Singapore, yet our kids' playgrounds are fast becoming either walking parks or storage for construction material or being used for all purposes except playing.

As kids (and in college), we grew up around Jayanagar. Madhavan Park Grounds, MNK Park, and National College Grounds were our favorite spots for Sunday Cricket games. These were the famous "pencil" matches where each guy on the winning team would get a pencil. The grounds were crowded but you always got a place to play.

Even to this day, Madhavan Park and MNK Park retain their old charm and one has plenty of place to play. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of National College Grounds.

For years it has been ravaged by Political Parties for their jamborees, Yoga Godmen and the likes. Today the entire place is dug up and is full of mounds and holes. I walked by it yesterday and could not help feeling sorry for the kids who were restricted to one corner of the ground.

I hope the current digging is an indication of "repair"... but it doesnt seem to be. According to people in the area its been this way for months.


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Who owns it?

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It is really sad to know the state of this place. I did not grow up in Bangalore but have had a chance to see this place a few times. Who owns this place anyway? On this map below it says BMP grounds so I presume its not owned by National College.
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Or am I confused? I dont know if you live in that area, but if you do, we might want to start taking this up as a small project to initiate and track the improvements.


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Not owned by the College

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@Shas3n: You are right, it does not belong to the college...Thats the reason its let out to these political parties at election time. 

I live in Bsk 2nd Stage ... my interest here is that I went to National College B'gudi

 Interesting thought ....

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what was the last meeting

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what was the last meeting there? BJP?
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It was either AOL or Yoga

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I dont remember the name of the Yoga "Swami"... its the one who the communists accused of mixing bones in his ayurveda medicine..

UPDATE: Baba Ramdev... 

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ayogya nann makkLu

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mebbe we could set karat in that guy's brindavana. that should be a good kapala bhatti to people like him who mess up  public spaces. comment guidelines

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