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Murphy’s Laws of Bangalore Traffic

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1. A stopped bus suddenly starts cutting into your lane when you have crossed it halfway 2. The passenger at the window seat in a bus decides to spit ONLY when your car is next to it 3. An Auto on your left at a traffic light will always move across to the right once the light turns green 4. If a passenger in an Auto is giving signals, then the Auto will move in the opposite direction 5. Buffaloes always cross the road when you are in a hurry and seem to have ALL the time in the world 6. The more sound an Auto makes, the slower it goes 7. Lesser the money in your pocket, the faster the Auto Meter ticks 8. Buses seem to stop for ages if you are stuck behind them. They only stop for a second if you are trying to board the bus. 9. The only empty Auto is on the other side of the street 10. An Auto will squeeze into any available space between vehicles just so he can go an extra two feet and stop. 11. A person crossing the street will stop when you stop and start again when you start again 12. Helmets are generally used as elbow guards, bum guards and even abdomen guards… unless theres a cop around 13. One car parked next to a “No Parking” sign nullifies the sign 14. Traffic at certain junctions is smoother when there are no cops 15. It is illegal to go around a roundabout. You have to cut across. Also posted at Bangalore Blues.


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