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Dumping Grounds

Heres something thats totally counterproductive.

For all of you who have travelled on the Bangalore/Mysore road, the Vrishabhavathi canal on the outskirts of Bangalore is a familiar sight. Theres also a water treatment plant that was set up at great cost just before Kengeri.

Passing the Muck

Once every month this BWSSB truck comes in and cleans out the septic tanks in the area. All the dirt and the grime are cleaned out and put on the road in a heap. It is then the work of the BBMP cleaners to clear that mess. This has led to many showdowns between the two, the latest being this morning when the two almost came to blows.

National College Grounds - Going Nowhere

We are looking at building the next Singapore, yet our kids' playgrounds are fast becoming either walking parks or storage for construction material or being used for all purposes except playing.

Civic Sense

There are several things that bother me about construction activities in Bangalore. These include the blatant flouting of building rules, and the apparent disregard for the safety of the public and the neighbours. The corporation guys are mainly in the picture at the beginning and the end for their pound of flesh.

Murphy’s Laws of Bangalore Traffic

1. A stopped bus suddenly starts cutting into your lane when you have crossed it halfway 2. The passenger at the window seat in a bus decides to spit ONLY when your car is next to it 3. An Auto on your left at a traffic light will always move across to the right once the light turns green 4. If a passenger in an Auto is giving signals, then the Auto will move in the opposite direction
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