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Stampedes - Why common in Devotional Places

Stampedes like  Shabari Malai  stampede has been quite common especially during religious ceremonies, in worship places and during functions.

Driving License tests on Automated Track (video)

 Indian Driving License is the easiest to get. This video demonstration shows it all.

Ambulence Service - Pizza Delivery Faster than Ambulence

 Yesterday I had a very bad day. Myself and my aged grand mother aged 81 were only at home. My Grand mother suddenly developed continous  convolutions / fits which didn't stop at all even after giving iron to her hand and she had totally became unconcious. No one was there nearby my home whom I knew as it was afternoon and everyone had left to the office.

Shortcut routes for Buses

 BMTC buses take the main roads whereas private transport takes the short cut routes wherever possible. This in comparison will increase the travel time of BMTC buses as against private transport making  private transport more attractive.


Chaos in Major Bus Stops

 Major Junction Bus Stops like Corporation (Hudson Circle), Richmond Circle, Banashankari, Marathalli, Jayadeva are fully chaotic. These bus stops handle multiple buses 4-5 at the same time and the bus stops are not designed to handle multiple buses.

Urban Commute Vehicles

 People of Bangalore have variety of ways to commute. Few take the  buses,  few drive bikes, few drive automatic scooters, few drive small cars, few drive MUVs,SUVs ,few drive large cars, few drive bicycles, few take autos and last but not the least very few walk. Everyone has their own justification for what mode of transport they are using.

Public Transport Promotion Ad Agency

 LA Metro had appointed an Ad Agency and created various ads to promote the use of public transport. As part of Bus Day campaign, can we have similar such ads in local TV and News Paper.

LA Metro: Promoting Mass Transit from EMBARQ Network on Vimeo.

Mysore - Chennai New LHB Shatabdi Experience

 This Sunday afternoon I travelled from Mysore to Bangalore on 2008, Mysore-Chennai Shatabdi with new generation LHB coaches. It was a very nice experience. I recently travlled between two cities a lot, mostly on road and it was very boring nowadays with too much traffic on Bangalore-Mysore road. Volvo and car travel as well take minimum of 2 hr 15 minutes from Nayandahalli (Bangalore city tip towards Mysore road) to Mysore.

Amazingly train took just 1 hr 50 minutes from Mysore station to Bangalore station, leaving Mysore at 2:15 and reaching Bangalore(Binny Mill) at 4:05. I had travelled last year in the same train but with older coaches, and it took 2 hr 15 minutes. The new coaches have made a lot of difference. We reached Nayandahalli within 1hr 40 minutes. Unfortunately we were not allowed inside the station, were halted with red signal near Binny mill and left inside only after 10 minutes making the journey 2 hours. Hope railways solves this problem.

Shuttle suggestions based on our experiences

After reading everyone's Bus Day experiences in these posts, I felt we can have two approaches:

Is it wise to have IT parks near Airport?

 Many IT parks are coming up near BIAL, one example of big IT Park is the Manyata Tech Park. Is the Government decision wise to open IT parks near BIAL?

Bangalore East Connectivity

 [gmap line=12.965750710156396,77.61016845703125 + 12.96842725192088,77.61703491210938 + 12.967088984637462,77.6235580444336 + 12.96340871249731,77.62664794921875 + 12.958724651072012,77.67436981201172 + 12.954375086560455,77.68020629882812 + 12.958390071883693,77.7011489868164 + 12.956048004978108,77.7450942993164 + 12.969430947659568,77.74852752685547 + 12.987162237749484,77.751274108886

One month of BMTC Travel Experience

 From past 1 month, I have been travelling in BMTC from BSK 3rd Stg to Doddenakundi. Although office has provided shuttle service, timings are inconvenient. On demand, our office is providing shuttle service every hour to Marathalli Bridge and Old Madras Road.

Poor design of flyovers lead us nowhere in solving traffic problems

 All over Bangalore, there is a galore of small small flyovers and now underpasses. But, none of them are constructed with thorough thought process and planning behind it. Usual mode of construction of flyover is to have 4 exit ramps and 4 entry ramps in semicircles like we have seen in foreign countries as well as in our NICE Somapura road junction.

Wastage of JNNURM funds for City Busstand Rennovation?

I just read through Star of Mysore that money spent for City Bus Stand is just a waste. There is nothing new with the building. Praja members of Mysore if can take pictures of the spot and post on the site would be very helpful.

Omni City Taxi - Where do you fit in?

After BIAL, omni based city taxis are running low on business. Except for few taxis from Railway Station, no where they have business. They are also not coming out of their 'egos'.

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