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Incremental Metro Extension in Phase 2

Metro Rail

Metro Phase 2 works are going to start very soon. But how long it would take? Phase 1 which started in 2007, saw the light in 2011 partially. For complete Phase 1 to complete, it would be end of 2015 or even 2016. Almost close to 9 years. Phase 2 in the phase 1 pace might take another 9 years. If the work starts now in June / July, it might complete somwhere in 2023.

Road Rage & Accidents - How to Handle? - Need your inputs

Road Rage in Bangalore and other Metropolitan cities of India is becoming too much and resulting even in deaths.

Please click on the below link to see the results of Road Rage across India:

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Accidents in Bangalore and dents to cars is a quite common scenario. It is very difficult to get a dent less car in Bangalore. People claim insurance and get it corrected.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Accidents in Bangalore and dents to cars is a quite common scenario. It is very difficult to get a dent less car in Bangalore. People claim insurance and get it corrected.

Need an Institutional Framework for integration of Different Modes of Transit for Bengaluru

Public Transport

Success of any city's transport depends on how well are they integrated with each other. Worldover, Institutional Framework organizations work towards achieving this. Examples are Transport for London (TFL) for London, Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) for New York, Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore, STIF of Paris etc.

Core City - 'Pete' Decongestion Proposal - Making Streets Bus & Bicycle Only


Absence of Sense of Urgency in Government Hospitals

Public Health

One of our relative, just 48 yrs of age, who was suspected to have cancer living in a small town 'Sagar Katte' near famous KRS Dam, after many preliminary investigations in various hospitals of Mysore like KR Hospital, JSS Hospital could not come to a conclusion. Some doctors suspected cancer is in 1st stage, some said it is not a cancer. 

Hyderabad MMTS Experience

Commuter Rail

Had been to Hyderabad over the weekend to attend a wedding. Wanted to explore MMTS utilizing this. Reached Kachiguda on Friday morning at around 8:20 am in Bangalore - Kachiguda Express. Had done little work on the net on how to reach Miyapuram using MMTS to save both time and money.  Found Hafeezpet is the nearest MMTS railway station and there is an MMTS train every 30 minutes. 

Commuter Rail to Rescue Bangaloreans during Metro Phase 2 Work?

Metro Phase 2 Work is going to start shortly in a period of 6 months or so. Already tenders have been called for the demolition of acquired properties.

Imagine OMR- ORR Junction which is already fully choked with vehicles with Metro work on it for the extension to Whitefield.

Imagine already choked Whitefield roads with Metro work along that.

ATM Clusters instead of Individual ATMs to reduce ATM crimes


Offlate ATM thefts are increasing in Bangalore and the recent incident of the Corporation Bank manager being attacked in the heart of the city in the morning shows how poor is Bank's monitoring and security systems are. Bangalore Police cannot give security to every ATM with so many banks and so many ATMs across the city.

Namma Rasthe .. New Project for BRTS


Hi Praja Admin,

Shall we have a new Project by name Namma Rasthe.. or whatever, we can have a poll for that infact for discussion on BRTS.

Namma Rasthe as said by buses, cycles and pedestrains procuring space from cars and other private vehicles. 

Data in Government offices - How safe are they?

Today morning I had suprise visitors to my home from Bescom. Two men in a scooter, one person ready to remove the electric fuse at home. They came and suddenly asked for the receipt of last month's electricity bill. I had kept it somewhere and had to search all over home.

Maaru - Mola - Still the length measuring standard used

In Markets of Bangalore or else where in Karnataka, for measuring the length of flowers, people still use age old 'Maaru', a full length of the arm, or 'Mola', half length of arm and do lot of cheating. None uses a metre scale and measure the same.

Do We Need Bommasandra Line of Metro Starting from Jayanagar

Metro Rail

With the recent announcement of Elevated Road from Jayadeva to Silkboard via BTM, which is the main bottleneck on the Outer Ring Road, I was thinking is the Metro investment worth here.

Dedicated Bus / High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) Lane around CBD


We see huge number of Buses passing through some of the CBD Area in Bangalore few of the roads. Despite of that, there is no dedicated lanes for BMTC buses and other High Occupancy Vehicles such as office shuttles. This slows down Public Transport Buses and also leads to accidents such as Buses hitting 2 wheeler leading to fatalities.

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