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Poor BMTC Maintenance - City Loosing lots of hi-tech buses?

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I recently travelled to New Delhi and used city buses as well as saw many Marcopolo buses operating there, both Diesel and CNG without any problems and huge amount of smoke they emit in Bengaluru. Bangalore had many Marcopolo buses which although comfortable inside, was emitting too much smoke outside , low pickup and frequent failures.

Same disease has now caught up on our Volvos, such a nice machine being operated shablessly by BMTC. Transport  Ministers of Karnataka have turned blind to this nuisance. We are coughing up so much money especially for Volvo, they are not maintaining the buses with that fund, also showing losses.

I know Murali Sir would have other trailing posts, but that is not the answer, and would lead to other problems like safety and emissions.

Why not transport ministry wake up and take action?

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