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MetreShare - Auto / Taxi Sharing

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Mumbai has got a system called Metreshare with people using smartphones sharing their ride and fare in an Auto and Taxi.

Here is the facebook link for the same :

Carpooling websites like, etc are helping a bit. Similarly if this metershare app is launched for Bangalore and people, it would be benefecial both for commuters and taxi / auto drivers, especially as a last mile for Metro / Commuter Rail / Buses.


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Auto union meets

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My experience with autos in Mumbai is far better than in Bangalore. Only during monsoon rains have they tried to extract much higher fares than by meter.

A few days back, there was a gathering of autos below the RTO office in Indiranagar BDA complex with one of their union leaders talking loudly via a loudspeaker, blaming ministers & all political parties for insensitivity towards them. One of the auto drivers mentioned that this was an ongoing effort by their union & they had already staged several such meets at various RTOs across the city for justice to autos.

When queried further, he stated that their business had become very dull with commodity prices shooting up & fewer takers for autos & that the arrival of metro would further erode their earnings. I mentioned to him that autos were not going by the meter & may be people were now reluctant to use them, but he stated that in cities like Chennai, none of the autos go by meter, so why should they do it here? I told him that if all autos strictly operated by the meter, they would be kept busy & their earnings would improve, but he (along with a couple more drivers who had also joined up) went on arguing for fare increase to at least 75% of taxi fares, which no one was agreeing to.

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GPS Tracked Autos in Chennai -

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Read this recently - with metre fare decided on GPS tracking along with receipt of travel. But most of the drivers do not put metre whatever the meter may be.

In Bangalore, if the auto agencies could come up with this type of system along with a system of sharing, their revenue would increase with more takers comment guidelines

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