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Wastage of JNNURM funds for City Busstand Rennovation?

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Public Transport

I just read through Star of Mysore that money spent for City Bus Stand is just a waste. There is nothing new with the building. Praja members of Mysore if can take pictures of the spot and post on the site would be very helpful.

I thought they would construct multilevel bus stand. But, pictures put on SOM looks like that they have made it like Majestic bus stand of Bangalore with antique touch of 'Mantapas' on top of the bus shelter.

Transport Minister Ashok is saying that he would try to construct another bus stand opposite Railway Station in JK Grounds. Is this really a Tuglaq Darbar??

We need more investment on the fleet in Mysore rather than the bus stands.  Buses never turn up even after waiting a long time and one has to take up auto. It is especially more in Udayagiri - NR Mohalla region. Bit OK in Kuvempunagar Saraswathipuram area. That is why most people in Mysore is opting for private vehicles.



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Circular and 6 bus corridors for Mysore

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One major problem in Mysore is the bus routing model. It is pure Hub Spoke. Just to travel to neighbouring locality, one has to goto City Bus Stand and Come back. If we get first bus, we do not get the connecting bus.

We need three circular corridors of bus routes, outer, middle and inner with buses going in both the directions for connecting neighbouring areas better just like 500 and 501 of BMTC Bangalore.

Here are the three routes that comes to my mind:

Outer  Corridor : JP Nagar-Vivekanandanagar – Ramakrishnanagar – Sharadadevi Nagar – RTTC – SJCE – Premier Studio – Jayalaxmipuram – Metagalli – Bannimantap – Udayagiri – Siddharatha Layout – Zoo – MG Road – Ramanuja Road – Vidyaranyapuram 16th Main – Sterling – JPNagar

Central Corridor: Chamundipuram- KrishnamurthyPuram- Kuvempunagar Double Road – Open air theatre-  Vinayaknagar- Gokulam – Shaalimar Theatre – Udayagiri – Gayathripuram – IttigeGudu – Nanjangud Road –Agrahara – Siddappa Square- Chamundipuram 

Inner Corridor :  Agrahar – RTO – Court – Saraswathipuram – University Caford Hall – Hunsur Road- Railway Station – Suburban Bus Stand – City Bus Stand - Agrahar

6 Bus Corridors

J.P.Nagar to Bannimantap via CBS

Vijaynagar to Siddhartha Layout via CBS

Vivekanandanagar to NR Mohalla and further via CBS

Ramakrishna Nagar to  Mahadevapura Main Road

Sharadadevi Nagar to Rajeev Nagar

Metagalli to GunduRao Nagar via CBS and Ramanuja Road

Buses should be plying in both the directions with regular frequency just like Big 10 of Bangalore.
These routes can be funded by JNNURM instead of wasting for unwanted bus stands. Probably there is no much gain for the Citizen Representatives by this initiative unlike Bus Stand Construction, hence no one is thinking in this direction.


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grids vasanth?

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vasanth are you hinting at grid based system? maybe we can try to map this out? also how does this figure in terms of the new developments with mysore city busservices under jnnurm?

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A map will be nice

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Please lay down Mysore PT patterns via a map - like we have done and seen in various maps for Bangalore, with those radial and ring roads,

Tarle - I recall you had done a picture once.

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public trans just not the priority here

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Public Transport has been lagging behind amidst so much of talks about it.  I remember the following initiatives that have either been dumped or were just stray comments -

  • Electric buses for which surveys were done
  • BRT with  French collaboration
  • BRT under JNNURM with DULT 

The first two are no longer in the picture whereas the BRT under NURM is unlikely to materialise according to a senior official in the NURM cell.   Politics....However a team of NURM officials visited Ahmedabad last month to study the BRT.

As far as the 're-modelling' of the existing city bus stand is concerned, it will serve the citizens very little.  Few had suggested relocation of the bus stand, which would have been a good move.  It's location makes buses travel several kms as buses cant enter KR Circle.  For eg., buses coming from south, west converge at Sankrit College junction.  Multi level would not have happend because of the Palace adjacent (while Garuda mall gets the permission).  But politics again. 

Also the suburban bus stand should have been one of the terminus in the city.  There were other locations like Bannimantap and Kuvempunagar where KSRTC owns vast tracts of land for creating new terminals and linking them with a good local transit system. 

On the routing - a complete rejig is required.  Very often people write about this in the local paper - Star of Mysore. 

As on date, the NURM funds have not been utilised properly as far as public transport is concerned. 

DULT was to hold a public consultation on the report they have got from ICRA.  Am not sure if this has happend.

I will check with DULT and NURM officials and update if any serious work is going to happen or is it just that KSRTC is unlocking the value of its real estate.

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yep. again, need just a few more days.

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Here is the outer ring route

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This is the outer ring route, an approximate in the Google Maps. I am very much sure about southern, western portions of Mysore where I used to live and study. I am not much clear about Northern and Eastern Mysore, I know which locality comes where. Hence Northern and Eastern routes needs to be tweaked by an expert of those areas.

Somehow, Google has done a mistake by calling Nanjangud road as TNarasipura Road and has misplaced Gayatripuram. Main concern is to have people occupied areas to be connected rather than just running on say Outer Ring Road.

View Outer Middle Route in a larger map

I have updated with three ring routes proposed. Somehow, I am unable to change the colour of lines, hence if I add straight routes, it will mess up and may not be able to read. I will add another new map showing the straight routes.

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Buses Roaming Around City Bus Stand ..

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In Mysore, there is a major problem by not allowing buses to enter city bus stand in front of the Thatayya Circle and allow to leave the bus stand near the Palace End. In is from the Palace end and out is from Tatayya Circle - It is one way. To accomodate this, all the buses entering city bus stand from the South and West Mysore roam around Mysore Palace, Hardinge Circle since they have in only next to Hopcoms / Flower Exhibition.

Bus leaving out of City Bus Stand towards North and East of Mysore roam around Palace since they have only Out towards South.

This wastes lot of time of the passengers and consumes more fuel. At the same time it will unnecessarily reduce the frequency.

In should be allowed in front of Tatayya Circle as it used to be in earlier days and out should be allowed near the Hopcoms. To accomodate this we need a ramp or something like a 'Magic' underpass right in front of bus stand at the bus exits and entrances.  Otherway is to have a signal in these two points and avoid unnecessary roaming around Palace.

Because of this design, especially during Dasara Time, travel time  and traffic unnecessarily increases in front of the Palace which is already crowded.

I just got this thought while creating Maps.

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Straight Line Routes on the Map

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 This is the straight line routes on the Google Maps. I am becoming little better with Google maps now.

View Straight Routes in a larger map

Please correct in the Northern and Eastern Mysore portions if I am wrong depending upon the people movement pattern.

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Dear Friends, Glad to see

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Dear Friends,

Glad to see citizens participating with so much interest in the civic issues; public transport. Ofcourse there is always a chance for improvement. Particiaption of the clients (stake holders) will definetly improve the delivery of the services of KSRTC. I will take up the issue with the Divisional controller of KSRTC, provided, the citizens are ready to spare their time for a fruitful discussion.

Regarding the improvement of the city bus-stand, i request the citizens to reserve the comments till they see the completed bus-stand, or talk to the concerned officers of KSRTC, rather than making assumptions leading to a wrong pubic opinion. I am sure that concerned citizens approach civic issues differently, compared to the media.

Indeed the MCC has restricted the KSRTC from building vertically, for 2 reasons:

1. The city bus-stand will be ultimately shifted to the Rural bus stand and Rural bustand will be divided into 4 bustand, each situated at four directions located around the ring road. (like in the case of any major city)

2. It is not advisable to have a bus-stand adjacent to the palace, as it will contribute to not only noise and air pollution, but will be an obstacle in making a pedestrain walkway around the palace.

The four bus terminus will take altleast 3-4 years to materialise. Till that time, the city bustand will operate from the current location.

Somebody may ask; 'why then waste money in this bus stand?' Answer is that, even for 4 years, we have to serve the citizens in better way, and after 4 years, the bus stand will be truncated and converted into a stand for non-motorised vehicles (tongas, cycles etc). Mysore is already preparing for a cycle-track.

This is for the information of the prajas.





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Thanks Mr Manivannan, and the route maps

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Thanks for your note Mr Manivannan.

Since we are into routes, already off topic from City Bus stand - wanted to know if CTTP for Mysore is ready yet (ICRA was working on it, some people have access to the draft version).

Vasanth, Tarle - shall we start the Mysore local bus route talk on a new post? I don't know Mysore that well - but will tag long with two of you.

Vasanth - just fixed your maps, they are showing up properly now. Next time, create maps on PRaja-Google page itself - and just paste the map macro in your comment. Like I did just now:

Javascript is required to view this map.

Yes, looks like a ring with radial roads, but center portion looks like having north-south east-west aligned roads.

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Citizens and Media

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 I am sure that concerned citizens approach civic issues differently, compared to the media

Unfortunately because reaching and getting information from many govt. departments is a big problem for citizens they tend to go with reports in the media. I think people on this site who have tried to engage can tell not every govt department disseminates information which can help well meaning citizens provide suggestions. We could keep filing RTI for everything which is really an offensive way fo engaging with an authority, but what choice does it leave us with?

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Thanks all for going through the thread

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Thanks very much all for reading through this post.

Thanks Mani Sir for the information about the bus stand. Glad to know that it will be non-motorized vehicle stand in the step towards making Mysore a traditional city revisiting the history. It is a good move to have cycle tracks.

Thanks SB for enabling the map within the comment. I am not good in Google maps. First map I created - circular routes was too bad. I now have got a good feel of Google maps creation. I will create a new one for the same when I get the time.

My personal opinion is Mysore needs more buses than bus stands. Frequency is too low and routes are full traditional hub spoke model. If the bus model is improved along with good frequency at around 10 minutes in the above said routes with reasonable pricing, it would be so easy to roam around and people would prefer to use buses rather than vehicles. This is just like connected Big 10 of BMTC.  KSRTC Mysore local division is not reachable by common man like BMTC. BMTC is more public answerable with requests being posted in Bangalore edition Vijaya Karnataka, also we can reach CTMO through email. KSRTC is in no mood to listen any body.

We need Mani Sir's help in reaching Mysore Local Division of KSRTC.

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Buses needed for circular corridors an approximate calculation

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 For the circular corridors, outer corridor is approximately 35 kms and it may take 1 hour 30 minutes to cover the distance. Middle corridor is approximately 25 kms  and may need approximately 1 hour and inner corridor is 15 kms and approximately may need 45 minutes.

15 minute frequency on outer corridor needs 6 buses in each direction and a 10 minute frequency needs 9 buses in each direction.

15 minute frequency on middle corridor needs 4 buses in each direction and a 10 minute needs 6 buses in each direction.

15 minute frequency on inner corridor needs 3 buses in each direction and a 10 minute frequency needs 5 buses in each direction.

For a 15 minute frequency we need 6 x 2 + 4 x 2 + 3 x 2 = 26 buses to start with. Gradually it should be improved with 10 minute frequency based on demand which may need 9 x 2 + 6 x 2 + 5 x 2 = 40 buses. At the cost of 20 lakh per bus, at 8 crores we can have such a good routing  with reliable frequency of buses instead of bus stand constructions and modifications. If someone has undergone six sigma certification, they must be knowing that customer value addition is more important rather than internal procedures of organizations. So much money spent by KSRTC for bus stop constructions doesn't add much value  to the customer.

These circular routes are non-existent as of now. Straight line routes like Bangalore Big 10 is already present in the form of  buses to CBS. There are few ring routes named CBS to CBS such as 129 - 130 but frequency is too less and everything enters City Bus Stand - not a truly circular route.


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MGP Invited me to Present Circular Corridors to KSRTC

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After watching this thread and similar one in SSC, Mysore Grahak Parishad or MGP has invited me to present this to  DTO traffic (Mr. Maqsood Ahmed) in Mysore on 8th Dec 2013. Hoping it will be fruitful.

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Vasanth, pl suggest shifting of City bus stand

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As you are aware, no where in the world a  bus stand is located abutting a world heritage monument Fort of Amba Vilas Palace that has surpassed even Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world.  Huge amount has been spent in modernising the old bus stand and during rains, people have to walk very carefully on the super smooth area of the city bus stand.    Pleae tell the District Administration to see that the brand equity of Mysore is tourism and the KSRTC city bus stand with its heritage buses is spewing and creating heavy carbon footprints in CBD and it is better to shift the same. Then you can give your presentation from a new location.  Otherwise, you will be doing a disservice to Heritage Mysore City by inviting more and more congestion and pollution to the city center.  

The proposed Master Plan is being opposed tooth and nail by the people of Mysore because it looks as if it is trying to create a real estate market in Mysore.  We have suggested to leave mysore alone. .

I requet you and other prajas to refrain from further spoiling the beauty of many heritage buildings like the Jaganmohana palace, Amba Vilas Palace, Town Hall, Gadiyara chowa, K.R.Market area, Dodda Gadiyara and the greenery surrounding.  

Bottom line: Suggest ideas that may de-congest the CBD.  Enough damage has already been done to Mysore due to myopic plans and projects, just to utilise the JnNURM funds.  Have a look at the grotesque concrete monster building of the Suburban Bus Stand - just a stone's throw away from the famous Amba Vilas.

Vasanthkumar Mysoremath  

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MGP Meeting

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DTO traffic (Mr. Maqsood Ahmed) was out of town and was confirmed by B.S.Shankar, member of MGP. Hence I did not attend the meeting since had to travel all the way from Bangalore. Another representative from KSRTC had attended the meeting on his behalf and suggestions as per this presentation was given:

Again, KSRTC Mysore is going to get 400 new buses and they are going to introduce circular buses and buses which do not enter City Bus Stand. comment guidelines

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