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2008 Karnataka Assembly - election results

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TS: Super cool!

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Namaskara TS,
Saw the graphic looks super cool, is this automagically updated?
-- Praveen Sundaram AkA PhotoYogi

-- PhotoYogi

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soopar low tech

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soopar low tech saar. internet, matlab, flickr, manual cut and paste. what i want to know is if we even have chance of being mismanaged for the next 5 years or if it is going to be some form of musical chairs all over again.
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why is mysore insignificant?

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for all its contributions, mysore always seems to take a backseat. wonder why?
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Karnataka needs a stable Majority

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I dont think any one in Karnataka would not say Karnataka needs a stable Majority lead government. Have just been watching the news channels and the way its looking media is focusing more on how a coalition can form. As it stands @ 10:00 AM the BJP trends say it would still fall short of a complete majority by 5-8 seats. However the Cong+JD(S) could possibly form a coalition thanks to the *secular* tag.
This is my view its not as much as secular as the hunger for power.
-- Praveen Sundaram AkA PhotoYogi

-- PhotoYogi

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Scary if it's Hung Again

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As things look, BJP may form the govt with support from independents ! Yediurappa navaru minister aaga bahudu.

Will have to wait & see - but we dont want the nightmare of a hung assembly - let's talk positive & reach there :) !!!!


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We hopefully will get a one party govt

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I hope too that one party gets a majority.  I personally don't  vote for the BJP for personal reasons.  But if a BJP win means that we can have a stable government for 5 years then I still welcome it (not that my welcome matters!).

My hope is that as this is the first time the BJP gets to rule, they will do their best to do a good job if only for selfish reasons.

I just hope that JD(S) does not come into the equation.  Even if they have 20 seats they can really call the shots. 



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Fingers and toes crossed

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hope to have a single party BJP govt and not have to go thru coaliation circus
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I hope as soon as Yediruppa

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I hope as soon as Yediruppa becomes the CM, the NICE perpipheral road will be completed..
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krishna true 'diga

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check out dp satish's interview of krishna. awesome views by krishna even if slightly orwellian. true 'diga really. i dont want to raise alarms, but we need some strong leadershp right now. some very critical issues are on sim right now. there are people taking decisions for us.
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IF the BJP forms the

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IF the BJP forms the Government i hope they provide Karnataka with the kind of administration provided by Narendra Modi in Gujarat(mind you am talking only about Modi's proactive, efficient, honest administration- not other things). I pray to God they change Karnataka and take it forward towards becoming a completely developed state.
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here are some positives for kannadigas

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Poll outcome has some positives for Kannadigas per this blog.

Make sense too ! 

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Nice would be the First

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action item for Yediurappa - This is the best way to get back at Gowda.
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A final verdict

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Read on .... Congress Humbeled all over,(Hindustan Times)
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new BJP Govt

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I hope we will get good Roads so that we can travel witin bangalore in peace
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Karnataka's tainted MLAs a challenge for BJP and Yediyurappa

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After forming government in Karnataka, the next challenge for the BJP is to assign portfolios. But of the 110 elected BJP MLAs, over 24 MLAs have criminal background. Three MLAs have even been charged with an attempt to murder.

The party now has some tough decisions to make if it hopes to keep tainted ministers out of the cabinet.

More than 20 MLAs from the BJP have criminal records against them. Mining baron from Bellary, B Sreeramulu, a former minister, has charges of attempting to murder and dacoity against his name.

But Sreeramulu along with mining millionaires Karunkara Reddy, Somashekhara Reddy and Janardhan Reddy certainly helped script the win for the party. Something that is likely to guarantee them a place in the new ministry. But political watchdogs like the Karnataka Election Watch are voicing their concern.

"Look at Nitish Kumar. When the Bihar government was formed he put his foot down and said he won't have any ministers with criminal charges against him. It was a tough decision to make but he did it. Now, Yeddyurappa should follow suit," said Trilochan Shastry, Professor IIMB.

But right now, every MLA is precious - and it won't be an easy decision for Yeddyurappa and the BJP to constitute a scandal free cabinet.



BSY on namma Bengaluru

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"Q. Bangalore, the state capital, is known the world over, but everything seems to be in a shambles.

We will address the infrastructure issues concerning the city on a war footing. My Government will lend all support to the country’s IT capital. We will implement the recommendations of the Dr K. Kasturirangan Committee on Bangalore and I am keen to turn it into a world class city, not just an IT or a BT city but it must be a model of development for other cities too. As I said in my speeches during the campaign, for me my people, the citizens are the top priority and I will do whatever is necessary to make their lives easier and better."

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cadambi, you think you can lay your hands on the much touted praNaaLike? it might be worthwhile to see how many of these are really beneficial to us and workable and how many are gaaLi gopuraas. one of the things he has mentioned is increased power generation capacity. unless he is taking about getting the cochin and MH gas line done to operationalize biDadi, we need to be very cautious about that. the last govt. was hell bent upon setting up thermal plant in chamalapura. babus in union govt., saw that plan and literally were shocked. comment guidelines

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