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Bangalore's CTTP Due Next Week

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The Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Plan(CTTP) - which is the result of a 15-month city wide survey of traffic patterns in the city - is a crucial prerequisite to get a lot of projects under JNNURM approved. Even otherwise, it marks a beginning towards systematically addressing Bangalore's traffic problems. It is finally going to be released next week. And Bangalore is the first city in the country to come out with it. Go Bangalore!! To quote KUIDFC's Javed Akhtar,
"Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Plan (CTTP) gives utmost importance to public transport as it's effective, efficient and economical". "CTTP suggests the mode of traffic for each area depending on the volume of traffic after a detailed survey. It also suggests road widening, corridors for flyovers, no-vehicle zones, mono and metro rails, heavy and light bus services for certain areas." "The only way out for Bangalore to solve the traffic problems is to improve to the public mode of transport system." "One mode of public transport won’t be enough for Bangalore. A single integrated system of many modes like metro rail, BMTC bus services like express, volvo, regular, limited stop buses and autorickshaws." This is great and I hope they make it a public document when KUIDC releases it next week. We have been discussing multimodes for a while now, see this for example. We have also been having this discussion about autos as feeder services. In a discussion on Metro one of points that came out was that using private vehicles to provide feeder service instead of autos, wastes two resources - vehicle as well as real estate. Source: Deccan Herald


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CTTP - Overdue !

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Thanks & Noted. I have also been waiting for the same - the report was due in March'07, but has been delayed. Anyway, better late than never I suppose ! I had checked with RITEs about two months back & they had stated then that the report was with KUIFDC & will not be released until govt had scrutinised it - wonder what that meant ! By the way, I have filed my RTI ltr & recvd acknowledgement. I am not sure they will respond to it since it involves govt affairs, I suppose.
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keep us posted

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Hey Naveen, do keep us posted on your query. Could also share how much work and how easy or tough it was to file your RTI letter. Would be encouraging for everyone on this forum. thanks.
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way to go!!

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way to go, naveen!! congratulations. please keep us posted and please share your experience. it will be great lesson and inspiration for us amateurs. dont worry about the response. noDaNa, i think BMTC does a fairly good job of responding to responding to RTI, atleast given the responses they have posted on their site so far. and you are making a case AND providing a solution, a definite positive. if nothing else, they should say thank you naveen. About CTTP, whom did you contact? :) Many months ago I wrote to Imitiaz Ahmed of RITES and he responded citing similar reason. They have to wait for cabinet. :) Then i wrote again he did not respond. lets see, I hope they post it online. as SB has said, time and again this is the basics of egoveranance and transparency - let the public know your sources.
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Hi TS /SB - thanks. Abt CTTP - I had been to RITEs office at Shantinagar bus depot, but was told that the office there only handled BMRC matters & consultancy services. They had given me a phone no. to contact their other office near Chalukya hotel. So, I contacted the no. given & spoke to a lady who had stated that they cannot reveal any information though the report was with KUIFDC, their client, & also that the report would be released only by govt after scrutiny. Filing RTI - I was told to email the same & if they find it acceptable, they would revert with "fees payable", etc. So, I did the same & confirmed it by phone. They had stated that it may take about two weeks to revert, so till then, I will have to wait. One thing though - I was told that there were a large no. of applications /letters which they receive that are not acceptable, & if so, they would not repond at all ! comment guidelines

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