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Nobody misses them though ...

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Yet another pronouncement about elections to local urban bodies. HDK orders that the elections be setup by July 31 for all local bodies except BBMP. Ramalinga Reddy and Dharam Singh(remember him?) of the Congress Party take objection to BBMP being excluded. What is interesting is that nobody in the state, bar these two gentlemen seem to be missing their corporators & mayors. It is not apparent that people have seen any difference. Concerns, remedies and works are being raised and resolved as usual. But the law, perhaps, has been broken. What exactly does a mayor or a corporator actually do? From what I understand in KA the more "lucrative" post is that of the corporator. About the only thing that the last mayor did was to go to china and promise to wash roads on return. Of course she didn't have the power to make the various agencies to actually get to it nor did she have the time. Even before she could say kengal-hanumantiah-road her piddly 1 year term was over. It would have been great if HDK had taken the time to reform the law and revise the scope and responsibilities of local representatives, but instead, it just looks like he bought time to do what he wanted to do and has perhaps in the process set a dangerous precedent.


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Thats LUBs, how about Panchayats?

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Remember that retrograde step Karnataka government initiated to curtail freedom of panchayats. Any recent action there? Of course, no serious coverage in mainstream media on this.
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Nothing New

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You do realize that all the postponement of elections was a given, right? The re-org of the constituencies led to someone filing a suit (Which was expected), next the reserved constituencies for women has another suit...etc...etc...A corporator told me the whole story and how this thing works. It is playing exactly like she said.

 Oh well, as you said, I guess nobod cares in the end.

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doode, you cannot imagine

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doode, you cannot imagine how happy i am to see you here. what we have is extrapolated knowledge. But you? you have kissed, care to tell? mail me & you have the space for all the juicy stories.
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Really?!?!? You would have seen me here sooner or later anyway, nay?

For all the extrapolation, it is damn good. I have mailed you part of the juicy details already, haven't I? Read carefully :)

Oh, and I will respond to your mail in detail. Didn't want to just rush it.... comment guidelines

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