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Delay in completion of Underpass on Ring Road

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Dear Friends,

The completion of the work for under pass on the ring road, one near puttena halli, JP nagar and another near Kumar swamy lay out is delayed beyond imaginable limits. It is testing every citizen's patience and tolerance.

Our honourable minister Shri. Ashok visited the spot before the general elections and warned the contractors to finish the work by July 2009. we do not know whether it was a pre election publicity to garner votes, but for the people staying in the kumar swamy layout, Jp nagar, Kanakapura road, it has been hell every day.

Especially the small roads in the JP nagar I phase is choked with traffic from early morning till late in the night.

My sincere request to all the members, please make it possible to collectively bring to the notice of the concerned authorities about this daily traffic mess, and put pressure that these two projects are completed as early as possible to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

With Regards



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15th cross,jp nagar I phase,

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There is no water supply from city for people living in this road since 3 months, and no sewer connection, it is running in to street.Commissioner Mr.Meena, visited this spot twice, unable to grasp this situation.

Former commissioner Dr.Subramanya said, that no land will be taken to widen the road.

Now the new commissioner  Mr.Meena's adminstration eating those words. They are writing 7.0 m on the compound walls on either side of 15th cross. Is this a joke or real ?.

 I  hope Mr.Meena  will look in to this mess, and I  invite Mr.Vijayakumar , MLA, Mr Ananthakumar MP, and Mr.Yedurayappa  CM  , to look in to this matter and come to a meaningful decision.


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Can you post some photoes?

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Chandra, I sympathizes you and others who live in that area. Is it possible to get some photos clicked and post it here? Picture is thousand times effective than words.
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Land acquisition problem?

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Do you know the precise reason for delay here? I heard land acquisition issue on one side? Have you called the project engineer or contractor to know the exact reason first. No need asking MP and CM and all, people on-ground would know the real reasons better.

Assuming the problem indeed is around land acquisition, why was this project started upon without first acquiring whatever extra width they needed? Tells me that the design may have been changed midway? What caused this design change? Who is paying for the inflated costs now?

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Can we call for a meeting with the concerned Project Contractor?

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It is high time that action is taken on this issue. If some preliminary information is collected, then we can jointly meet the concerned project engineer, BBMP officials and press for some quick action .


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the markings have created a

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the markings have created a lot apprehension .. espescially after the earlier commissioner said no land would be acquired and the currrent team seems to be marking all walls on the both sides!! the amount of tension this is causing the residents is extremely high. With the PRR coming up for all heavy trafffic why do they need to widen this road at all?

In the CDP document, this road is classified as medium density road.. why would we need more than a 100 ft road for that? comment guidelines

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