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Christ College Bus Stop Nightmares at Dairy Circle

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TrafficTraffic jams

Christ college bus stop immediately after Nandini dairy is becoming a hell day by day.

Narrow road, with two lanes (will say single lane after getting congested) fully occupied by autos and private buses stops happily for hours, on top of that BMTC buses will stop next to next on road, they will drive on competition basis giving night mares to the people driving behind.

There is no signal and if you see at the peak times, you will see the traffic jam up to dairy circle, with minimum of 200-300 vehicles got struck behind these mangoos arrogant drivers. And to cross just that bus stop will take 10-15mins in peak time.

What a great planning of Brurth Bangalore Mahanaga Palike (will say exactly as bakwaasss for bruhath). What a thought of these officials, should give the award of most complicated officials on earth. Their minds will work like mercury for money, not for the future of citizens and their comfort. And these guys should mind that they are also victims of the same?

On narrow roads, making bus stops, no planning for bus stops, did these planning guys have minds, how to implement bus stops. What a pathetic stage we are in?

Literally no words to explain struggle for such a small reasons also. Please look into it and change the bus stop as soon as possible?


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Why is BBMP to blame?

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@sunrise -  Not sure why you are blaming BBMP for the bus stop. Any particular reason? Would you clarify, please?

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Right, why blame BBMP?

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Bus stop is at the right place

  • Private Buses like to stop on the road, and block it for 10 minutes or more
  • BMTC buses don't stop near it, partly because people like to stand on the road, and not at the bus stops

The way I see it, planning is done right. But proper usage of roads and bus stops needs to be enforced.

But yes, how and why would you or me or anyone else care who is the exact agency to blame. BBMP or Traffic Police or BMTC, they are all the same, to us, lax sarkaari agencies, with the most casual of approaches to enforcement.

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BTW, call traffic police, they will fix it

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call Bangalore Traffic Police, and I can tell you that they will fix the problem by either posting a cop for a few days, or by some other measures. Try it once. They are not the best of agencies, but if you call them with a clear description of the problem, they get to it.

How about we test them right away. Let me post a complaint myself, right now as I finish type this.

Go to BTP's complaint site: http://www.bangaloretraff...

I have sent in this complaint:

Road near Christ College bus stand right near Nandini Dairy sees a lot of jams. The problem is caused mainly by the private buses (mostly) who stop on the road for a long duration, and BMTC buses who stop far away from the Bus Stop. Traffic backs up all the way to Dairy Circle.

Like how you have solved similar problem near KR Puram station, Marathahalli junction by streamlining how and where the buses stop, could you help decongest this area as well.


You do the same sunrise sir, and lets see if Traffic Police listens to or acts on complaints.

If the problem is really a big deal to you, call 080 - 25588444 or 080 - 25588555. Or contact your favorite office from this list: http://www.bangaloretraff...

All the best.


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Well, already complaint is the old story!

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firslty, why to blame BBMP?

I don't know who is planing the city roads?

90% Bangalore bus stops on Narrow Roads, did they have any sense while making roads, they make as if like a 10 line super express way?

can't even have minimum knowledge atleast to have mind, and plan for bus bays without any trouble or giving extra space for stops. they won't even think, whats going to be the future if this is the situation? than that job a labour can do on behalf of them? why to have officials!

Thats why i need and must blame them first, they are the first culprits, to plan such a pathetic conditions?


2. compaints to traffic police?

all the circus is over already? once complaint made i can see traffic cop for 3 days (as usual 5 rs story, if private bus person pay, he will be silent), n from 4th day its regular seen again?  saying less man power available? but i can see 3 cops standing and staring at roads after forum signal?

even cop is there also, they won't even bother? auto rikshaws, BTM Busess really to say, i wish i can send them for F1 racing, when they stop buses? so much competiton in between them, not even think about the people behind.

i should send you the snaps i took everytime there! huh...


Only the problem to solve there is to have extra space, for bus stops? if not its going o be the regular story? atleast now our planning heros, can woke up and do sufficient work on it will be good for every one? even newly planned roads also having same things repeating again n again!

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Post the snaps

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And if possible catch a cop taking 5 Rs (I think they take Rs 20-50 from each private bus, depending on how many people the bus manages to pick up) from the bus drivers.

So did you send in a complaint yet? or send mail to dcp traffic? Let us take this as a test case, and chase complaints to closure, and if they are not closed, make a big deal about them.

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Christ College bus stop

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many are aware and realise this problem; I thought that the major part of the problen is because of  pedestrians crossing between Christ College and the IT companies

one more thought would be to provide an underpass NOT AN OVER PASS for people to cross the road; many students can use this and thus probably reduce the mess on the road;

my suggetion would be for Praja to approach the IT companies and Christ College and ask them to share the cost and construct an underpass

many thanks

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