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Points for BMTC Meeting

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Hi All,

I dont know if I am allowed for the BMTC meeting this friday. I have certain points if any of you can raise in the meeting.


1.  The Source & Destination Boards onthe buses are in Kannada in the Normal routes. But BMTC needs to understand we have lot of people who come from other states & can't read Kannada. Hence have both Kannada & English on the Buses.

2. I have noticed majorority of the BMTC buses are just after a junction which causes traffic Jam's. If BMTC can make the bus stops few yards away from the Junction this will not cause a junction.

3. BMTC was the first transport companies to launch the door system to urban buses in India but today most of the Drivers are not closing the doors at all which is a very dangerous situtation. If any one slips he will be in the rear tyres of the bus. This has to be enforced as compulsary if a fine has to be pushed onto the driver so be it the passenger safety is the key.

4. I have noticed in couple of bus stops the Bus Stop is elsewhere & the people stand before the bus stand. Added to that the drivers also stop the same manner causing the bus stops not used efficetivly. The bus stop at Kasturba Road near Kaneetrave Stadium ,  Vasanthnagar Stop. Can BMTC put a regular check & emphaise all the drivers to stop only in the Bus Stop & not before or after it.

5. I stay close to Hebbal & have noticed the Depot - 28 which caters a lot of Vajra's are all in the Depot by 7.30 - 8.00pm looks like they are all on General Shift. Can these Vajra's not run on 2 shifts & get more passangers moved to their destinations till later part of the evening & also early part of the morning.

If any of you speak on these points it would be good.





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All are welcome, Pls read the agenda!

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You and others who are interested are most welcome to attend the meeting. This is an open meeting like any other Praja meeting.

Pls use the BMTC Meeting Post directly to post your comments pertaining to the meeting.

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