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BMTC Website Update?

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I am writing this message for the first time on Praja. Does any one have a clue when is the BMTC website going to be updated. There are a lot of new routes running on all Vajra,Suvarana & the site is not updated. Added to that todays newspaper is talking about 165 New buses by this month on lot of routes using JNNURM scheme.





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Features Needed on the new website

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Following features are needed on new website:

1. Trip Planner - Taken from some travel website like, They can also request from them and say powered by '' or something like that.

2. Timetables and maps of bus routes in PDF Format.

3. Tracking of the buses on the website.

4. Cancellations of routes or change of routes notifications.

5. Online daily and monthly pass purchase and renewal.

6. Bus station floor maps.

7. Connectivity info with other services like Metro / Mono.



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coming soon

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I am told a brand new BMTC website is close to being ready. We will get a completely redone website, though I am not sure if the new website is going to have automatic integration with the bus route database etc so that any new routes that get added show up without much delay.

Lets wait and watch.

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New BMTC website up..

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 New BMTC website seems to be up, atleast for testing. is redirecting to the following site:


It claims to under final stage of construction and testing. 


I found  bugs in the route search tool. The distances were way of the mark.The timings were like 796 Am..

I am yet to have a look at other features.

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Devil is in the details!

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Thanks for the link. The layout seems to be simple and yet appealing. It seems they have listened to suggestions made on Praja.

Will cross-verify to what was suggested and what was implemented. You are right. The data is not correct. May be the site has only sample DB dump.

Will come back with detailed report after some detailed testing.


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A few comments

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I just tested a few things on the web site. A few comments

- Layout is pleasing, simple and functional, which is great.

- I tested the route finder. It either does not work or is rather specific. For example, I could not find a bus from Malleswaram 18th Cross to airport - and I know there is such a bus. Perhaps the site could be modified so that it can give all possible routes including changes.

- In fact, I have not been able to find any route successfully ! Including ones I know that exist.

- The route number search sems to work. Still, the stops in the middle are not indicated.

- BIAS service only gives starting and end points and timings. Pretty uselsess then.

- there are spelling mistakes - Kengeri Satelit town, for example. While it does not matter so much, it looks unprofessional.

- their Ongoing projects list the TTMCs but the Upcoming Projects list the completed TTMC at Jaynagar. Again, seems unprofessional.

- The BEST website in Bombay seems a lot better at the end of the day - in actual functionality.

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Additional minor comments.

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A few other minor comments.

- it is JN NURM not Jn NURM. ( Nehru should be capitalized ) 

- Somehow the lettering is not aligned in the top menu list.

- The constantly changing thing regading the contact numbers and SAFE/AFFORDABLE etc. is annoying.


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now the banner says

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route search is not updated :) 

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new website has no provision for tracking buses ?

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I visited the new BMTC site, Lot more things looks to  be updated. Routes Numbers, expected time at major stops  etc and is looking good.

However  Tracking of Buses seems to be left out.   There should be link , where  commuter should be able to Enter a Single /Multiple Route Numbers either manually or by Click, and be able to locate where the bus/buses  is located on the Route Map. This would  Ensure more predictablity of the bus and hence more commuters ...


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 I have been trying to get

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 I have been trying to get the timings for V500KM for quite sometime. The website that was "officially" launched with much fanfare last week is of no use. Atleast the earlier one had Vajra timings. 

No search work, either destination or route nos. Can anyone here who have used or seen a V500KM let me know the timings from JPNagar in the mornings. 

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BMTC Website

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I have also booked a complaint about website.

You may try their enquiry- 1=800-425-1663 or 12667 for the required info.

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