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How to get construction rubble cleared ?

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Someone has been dumping construction waste material in the lane next to my house.  This consists of  waste mud, sand, tiles, bricks, concrete blocks etc. This has resulted in people dumping trash nearby the construciton waste. When I contacted BBMP, they did clear up the trash but not the construction waste. They claimed clearing construction waste is not their responsibility.

Since the guys who dumped the waste are unidentifiable, I believe there is no alternative other than to get BBMP to clear the rubble. Now, the question is how do I get BBMP to do it ? Is there a specific department I need to complain to ?  Any suggestions will be much appreciated.


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good question

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I still have bags of construction waste lying around and the BBMP van doesnt take it., I can however hire a private van which takes it and dumps it in places like yours probably but its too little for a whole van.

However, BBMP cannot disown the responsibility for waste dumped in common areas like roads & public spaces. It OWNS the public spaces. This is why it is important to create a dumpster ecosystsm like here and relevant enforcements

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True. However..

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How do I get BBMP to perform what is evidently it's responsibility  ?

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But therein lies the catch.

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But therein lies the catch. We "believe" its their responsibility. Obviously they dont "believe" so. Then It becomes important to nail their beliefs by pointing out to the "evidence" which states they have to clear it.

Let see if somebody else has a better answer to your question.

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is it a conservancy lane?

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 If its a normal road..have seen BBMP  catch the offender and fine them too..for a simple reason that it obstructs traffic..

If there is any undulations in the terrain..BBMP themselves sometimes ask these dump trucks to 'fill' it  that they go with road construction later..

Best approach is to get to the local corportator who can do the job for you!

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It is a by-lane

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but has regular vehicular movement. Yes that's a good point - I can point out that the rubble is obstructing traffic.  Let me try that approach. comment guidelines

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