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Save Jaraganahalli Lake

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The lake adjoining Puttenahalli and Jaraganahalli is dying slowly. The lake is called Jaraganahalli Lake or Sarakki Lake and it is a huge water body. For past several years, weeds have covered the entire lake and has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Also, local people use it as garbage dump. Many builders are dumping building waste into this lake. While travelling on the mud road adjoining this lake on the side of Jaraganahalli, you can observe the foul smell from the lake.

We (like minded people of the surrounding area) have formed a group "Save Jaraganahalli Lake" and requesting you to please save this lake. The things to be done urgently:

  1. Remove all the weeds from the lake and clean it of filth.
  2. Put a fence covering the entire lake.
  3. Punish the people who are dumping garbage into this lake.

The next things (not very urgent, but important):

  1. Create a walking track around the lake.
  2. Grow some flowering plants or plants that grow into small trees around the lake.
  3. Put street lights to light up the surrounding.
  4. Appoint a watch man to look after the lake.

Yes, these things will have some cost associated. But, compared to other huge infrastructure projects, this will be a much cheaper project. And I have a proposal for generating revenue for the BBMP (so that, you can redeem the amount spent on this lake):

  1. This is a huge water body and can be converted to a tourist spot. So, introduce boating and other water sports. Introduce entry tickets.
  2. Create a small island in the middle of the lake and grow some shrubs or plants - so that, it will attract birds. Birds can come and nest there and hatch.
  3. Asphalt the adjoining roads and also create parking place on the adjoining road, so that the main road doesn't get congested.
  4. Allow some food vendors to setup food courts.
  5. Introduce a toy train to go around the lake.
  6. Collect entry fee.

We are requesting you to take up this work immediately and save the Jaraganahalli Lake.


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Save Sarakki Lake

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Here is the Wikimapia picture of Sarakki lake:-  Here It is adjoining JP Nagar 6th phase. comment guidelines

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