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BMTC route changes in the recent month

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In collaboration with the Bangalore Traffic police, following changes have been made in BMTC routes in Bangalore city


Diversion 1: Netkallapa circle, Basavanagudi

Route No. 60's and 3's running from Basavanagudi towards Jayanagar now do not circler Netkallapa circle but run straight on KR road and take left near bharati nursing home signal to continue further towards south end circle

Route No. 210's running via TR nagar and NR colony turn left on DVG road to Nagasandra circle, continue on Kr road and turn back again towards TR nagar main road


Diversion 2: Richmond circle

Buses coming from shivajinagar moving towards Jayanagar do not stop at the Richmond circle junction as before-its also been reported that the buses take a narrow lane after turning right from Vittal Mallya road to join Mission road anc continue further onto KH road towards shantinagar bus stand


Diversion 3: BTM ring Road

Buses on route no. 201 running towards Koramangla now tuen left at udupi Gardend and proceed further down on Tavarekere main roiad to join Hosur Road near Madiwala check post and continue towards St. johns where it takes a right to reach Koramangla Water tank


any more changes made??


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BMTC Route changes

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The buses from Shivajinagar to Indiranagar side (139, 314 etc) used to go via Parsee temple/Ind. Exp .stop.

Now they are going directly via Infantry/ Hospital road.and do not go to the Parsee temple stop.


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Brigade Road

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I came accross this article in the Bangalore Mirror today


It seems BMTC wants to ply busses thought Brigade road. While in iteself its not such a bad idea, if they do it under the current traffic conditions on Brigade road it will be a complete disister. The only way it is feasable is if they ban all other vehicles on Brigade Road.

In fact, I cannot understand why the city doesnt do this. Its a very simple thing - just divert all traffic coming from Kamaraj road on to MG road and make them take a right at Mayo Hall on to Residency road and then Hosur Road. Most traffic wants to go to Hosur Road and think they HAVE to go through Brigade Road, which is a complete mess. And of course they made the whole road pedestrian.

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Overcrowded ITPL Bound Volvos

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Offlate, BMTC has reduced the Vajras bound to ITPL. They  have mostly provided those buses to Manyata Tech Park and ORRCA shuttles. With the reduced fleet, all the ITPL bound buses are so crowded and the charm and comfort of travelling in Volvo is going away with no difference to ordinary buses except for a little speed.

I used to take 500K regularly. There was a 500K every 5 minutes during morning peak hours between 8AM to 9AM. Nowadays it has reduced to only one bus for 20-30 minutes and these buses are overcrowded. Apart from that we could see variants of 500K like 500KB, 500KR which has disappeared.

With all these changes, passengers will start going away to other modes of transport due to high price and discomfort.


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BMTC is not looking into customer demands / Bus day is show off

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As the Bus Day which was started to get the feedback from customer and improve the awarness has fizzeled out with Govt of Karnataka in fire fighting mode.

What did they do after the Bus day experiment. I do't see any big difference.  Even Bangalore Traffic Police, BBMP, BMRCL & BDA should have joined hands with BMTC to improve the difficulty faced by passengers like

Poor Footpaths,  No street lights at Junctions, Footover bridges,  safe crossing at major junctions like Hebbal flyover, KR Pruam Bridge, Silkboard, Dairy Circle, from CBI Junction upto BDA head office, Jalahalli Circle, On Mysore  road. 

BMTC & BMRC are no different when it comes to treating passengers.  Once passengers ge down from their service,  its left to individual to save life while crossing roads or to do the last mile.

Take MERO case, at Bayippanhalli & MG road,  still bridges to be provided for stations even after 6 months of opening???

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Ministry and BMTC Mgmt!

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Let me share this with Praja as well. In my last visit to B'lore in Sep/Oct 2011, I made it a point to travel in BMTC rather than in auto/car as much as possible. On Oct 4, which was a customary Bus Day for BMTC, I did travel in Bus from J C Nagar to HAL Airport to meet Praja team for a lunch and back.

Before that day I had met a BMTC official to exchange our pleasantries and gauge the mood of BMTC going forward. They showed me a half a page press release for Oct 4 Bus Day and the fanfare associated with it. Quite contrary to that enthusiasm at BMTC HQ in Shantinagar, Bus day experience was a quite event without any difference from normal day travel. I asked conductors to see what they have to say? Unfortunately none of them could tell the difference indicating, for them it is another regular day. They alluded that it hardly matters whether it is Bus Day or not.

Moral of the story is you can not expect any change if the agency which is saddled with the issues doesn't want to change.

In BMTC's case, I don't know what it is, are not ready for any change and even feel it is obligated to meet the commuter expectations. They are attitude is other way  around. Put something there and expect commuters to patronize it. BIG-10s, Volvos name anything.

From my own research after talking to many at BMTC and else where, what I have found is Transport Ministry's hold on BMTC is very tight and BMTC on its own has very little to maneuver. They can only take small jobs like re-routing, adding a new route etc. They can't do anything substantial to take up BIG TICKET items and plans. Even things like press conference can't take place without the ministry's permission.

Given this scenario, BMTC will only change either the Ministry has the urge and wants to work on it or it gets a MD in the likes of Manivannan who will leave their mark even in adverse conditions. Plight of current top mgmt at BMTC is like if even they have the urge they can't do without explicit orders from the top. Seems they are mandated to practice bureaucratic celibacy and they are happy with that.

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For ITPL, more fleet is needed.

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BMTC needs to add more fleet to ITPL. They are trying to get maximum output with minimum input at the risk of passengers and conductors. With the kind of IT population currently working and the rate of growth, we need a good frequency of buses especially morning hours towards ITPL and evening after 6PM outwards ITPL. After 6PM, buses from ITPL do not have even place to stand.

Our IT folks also have false prestige. A normal parisaravahini will be less crowded compared to Volvo, but no one wants to take it during night hours when Volvos do no even have place to stand.



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All the buses do not stop at Mayo Hall properly.

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I had an occassion when the diriver for the route 144 did not stop at Mayo hall stop.When encountered ,his answer was very rough.Is there any squad to check up the quality of services rendered by BMTC to the passengers. If not it is high time that  such one is constituted, but  not by salaried persons, but by volunteers of repute from  among the public. Such one was tried and was successful by a Transport service at Gobichettypalayam( Maragatahavalli Madhyapuri Easwarar transport).If they constitute a body by salarieds person there is no guarantee that quality services will be delivered, because the union is very strong as also they have the  pro- kannada feelings only and not thecommitment and conviction for  delivery of the material they are bound to do.I t is very sad that this type of  partisan feelings have settled in the minds of the people, instigated by the unscrupulous elements from among the politicians  as well as from some  sections of the society,for personal gains. 

in the name of Balaji

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BMTC Stage wise fare

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Please take up the BMTC stage wise fare - I feel it is a totally different style of calculating ticket fares and stages.

I would like to share / explain with an example -

Tin factory to Kasturi Nagar on ORR is Rs 6/- ( for 1KM) next stop which is just 1 km is Ramamurthy Nagar ORR junction is costs Rs 9/- (2 kms) and to Goraguntepalya  ( ORR Tumkur Road junction) is costs Rs 21/- ( 18-20 kms).


This fixed stage is wrong, we need to have a moving stage calculation i feel where in for a fixed no of kms a fixed amount should be charged.







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Cross posting a comment,

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Cross posting a comment, which is relevant for this thread as well:

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