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Two steps to make Indian elections fairer and truer

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Two steps to make Indian elections more truer, more representative


Step1 : The Vote123^ Electoral Method


What is Vote123

Agenda for our new Chief Minister: What needs to be done for our cities

Now that we have a new goverement, let us make a vision document and send it to our CM.

Some things about this draft document -

Improvements in the Electoral Process

Improvements in the Electoral Process

The language cauldron and the English creep

This is a longish four part essay/discussion on English and our native languages.

Part 1: The status of our native/ mother tongues (they are dying, by the way)

Hosur Road : 4 lanes better than 6

[Admin's note: These are the sort of posts that need to be highlighted on Praja - Aggregated or Original analytical work to talk specifics about the problems or solutions.

Swine Flu: Is the central govt. handling it well ?

These are actual lines taken from news websites

Redesign of Hosur Road as model road : Footpath and cycle tracks

Background: Had an unplanned meeting with BBMP, thanks to Ashiwn/SB. Part of our initiative for better road design. This was at an hours notice on a weekday and was pretty much took half the day, so was not a good candidate for an event. Anyways, we discussed the pedestrian infrastructure, footpaths etc.

Sustainable transport idea: Mass transit corridors

Suppose we were to plan on some transport solutions long term for Tier 2 cities - such as Indore, or Hubli or Nagpur etc.

New Road Design proposal

As some of you may be aware, we had started some work to improving road design standards. To this end, I had started putting some documentation together (still only 20% complete) .

The road ahead ….. on roads

This is a followup to the road working group call, we (nithin, asj and myself) had a couple of weeks back. After that, I also talked to a contractor who has built roads (Pradeep). The consolidated "whats the story" is below, in the format of question/answers. Needs a lot more work and refining, but feel free to comment on the work so far. Also, if you want to call in and give your feedback, send me a private message.

First Urban Land Title in India

"I am delighted to share with everybody that Guaranteed Land Title is now a reality in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is leading the country in its "second wave" of land reforms - land title security.

Looking for inputs for a presentation on Hubli Dharwad CDP - ASAP

I have been asked to make a presentation which would be presented to high profile group meeting in Hubli (ABIDE like). The aim at the end of the day is to get improvements incorporated in the CDP (comprehensive development plan), which is under revision.

CTTP review comments

Comments on RITES proposal, Suhas Kulhalli.

General background

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