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Commuter Rail to KIAL

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Commuter Rail



It would be nice to provide a regular train facility to KIAL from Yesvanthpur and Cantonment station. Possibly from City station and KR Puram stations as well.  From the GMaps, it clearly shows that the train passes next to airport and it can be easly developed to have a Airport station and provide a Economical Transport system to Airport.  There is no poing in going with High Speed rail at this moment and spending much money which will be again burdened only on Public.  


I don't understand why our Govts wont look at economical and better way of providing the services when it is available with a lesser investments.  Probably a people's moment has come to make the politicians run to achieve these infrastructure projects.  


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Let the build halt station below Trumpet flyover of BIAL

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Small things can make big differernce.

1. Build  the build halt station  below Trumpet flyover of BIAL with cost One Crore

2. All three Trains running to  Devanhalli provide stop.

3. Extend the Yesvantpur - Devanahalli DEU services to Chikballapur

4. Introduce two each services  from Yesvantpur and Cantonment to Devanahalli in the morning and evening

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Halt station below Trumpet Flyover of BIAL

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By building halt station below Trumpet flyover of BIAL, it will help ground working people of KIA airport. Now question is who will build this halt station costing Rs 1 to 1.5 Crore ???

.     Now railways are fine with Halt station,  but funding is question ???  This will help thousands of people who are supporting airport operations like Secuirty, Hosuekeeping, Drivers of buses,  catering, cargo handling  employees.

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Yesvantpur - Devanhalli Train getting extended to Chikballapur

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Finally Extending Yesvantpur - Devanhalli Train to Chikballapur wil happen/  waiting for Railway Board approval  Will provide good connectivity to Chikballapur -  Devanahalli people

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BIAL funding the station?

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"...Responding to the DRM’s suggestion, Bhaskar B, Senior Director (Finance and Support Services), BIAL, announced that the BIAL would take up the halt station construction. .."

Source -

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We can't be sure till it

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We can't be sure till it happens!

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BIAL will it be ready to fund Rs 70 lakhs ???

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will BIAL Management ready to spend One crore for this ??? other wise this will not come up next 5 years if BIAL start asking who will fund ??? 

 Dedicated coaches designed exclusively for air passengers, hassle-free, traffic-free and super quick transit from Baiyappanahalli station to the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA), shuttle bus services right up to the terminal... The existing railway link from the city to Devanahalli/Chikkaballapura could be tweeked with minimal cost to make this proposal a reality in months.

South Western Railway (SWR) officials say the rail traffic on Bengaluru City to Yelahanka line is extremely high, and it does not make sense to run airport trains from Yelahanka to KIA. Urban rail experts have a ready solution for this: Change the route from KIA to Yelahanka to Baiyappanahalli, a station already linked to the Namma Metro network. But this will require the ongoing track doubling work on the 13-km Yelahanka-Channasandra line to be extended by another 3.5 km to Baiyappanahalli.

BIAL had earlier proposed exclusive coaches customised for airport passengers to be run frequently from Bengaluru Cantonment station to KIA. But this proposal, a detailed project report (DPR) for which was submitted to the state Infrastructure Development Department a few months ago, could take years to reach implementation phase.  


Halt delays

Here’s why: Even the halt proposed for existing trains near the KIA trumpet flyover will not happen in a hurry. Top South Western Railway (SWR) officials say the infrastructure for a halt --one minute or two minutes--, should first come up. The stoppage has to be then sanctioned by the Ministry.

“Let the Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) first send us a proposal. If they can fund it as well, things might move faster,” a senior official told Deccan Herald. The cost of a halt station is estimated to be about Rs 60 lakh.

BIAL sources say a feasibility and ridership study had already been conducted on running trains with coaches customised for airport travel from Cantonment to the airport on the Chikkaballapura line. “Since rail traffic on this route is low, more airport-oriented trains could be run. The entire system could be operationaliseed in one or two years,” explained a BIAL official. The report is awaiting the Railway Board’s nod.

To boost seamless connectivity, BIAL had also proposed shuttle buses from an airport station (along the North-western side of the airport enclosure) to the passenger terminals.

“The Metro connectivity will take at least another five years. The rail connection will ensure multi-modal access to KIA till then,” the official said.    .

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How much money spent on HSRL ???

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Now to provide halt station costing Rs 70 Lakhs,  BIAL and SWR are fighting and GOK watching Tamasha.  Let GOK declare how much money spent on HSRL DPR to DMRC Delhi and other thing.  This 70 Laksh is penny for BIAL, SWR and GOK, still  the official level doing football and no interest to get the facility in next one month ???

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Let Halt station built first and extend the Train

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Following things need to be in place first :

1. Let Halt station come up below trumpet Flyover

2. Extend the  Yesvantpur - Devanhalli to Chikballapur   

3. Run these Three Trains even on Sunday,  presently all these Three trains do not run on Sunday. 

4. Extend the doubling between Channasandra  to Baiyyappanahalli and Channasandra to  KR Puram and Lottegolhalli to Yesvantpur

5. Build halt station at Tannisandra and build 2nd Platform at Channasandra with Foot Over Bridge

6. Complet the Terminal work at Yelahanka

7. Commission the electrification between  Yelahanka to Guntakal

8. Commission the doubling work between Yelahanka - Channasandra and Yelahanka to Lottegolahalli ( before Yesvantpur )

9. Complet all ROB & RUB works taken on Yesvantpur - Yelahanka and Channasandra - Yelahanka

10. Approval required and Install Automatic Signalling in Bangalore City for Railway Track

11. Connect Yesvantpur METRO to Yesvantpur railway station with Foot Over Bridge

12. Intorduce few more services from Kengeri to Devanhalli, Nelamangala - Yesvantpur - Devanhalli,  Whitefield - KR Puram- Yelahanka - Devanahalli


How many times SWR and  BIAL keep talking without any thing happening on the rail connectivity.

Let  BIAL take up halt station building and get few ore services to Devanhalli from Bangalore city / Kengeri / Whitefield during  morning, evening,  night  11PM to morning 5AM

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Its already one year KIAL ( BIAL ) did not come forward

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Recently discussing with SWR officials about the halt station below Trumphet flyover at BIAL,  with just 25 Lakhs,  halt station can be provided and if some like BIAL Mangment or MP Veerappa Moily can contribute thru MP funds,  SWR is ready to open the halt station for the Aiport work force.    WIll GVK group comes forward ???

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Airport Halt station just cost Rs 40 Lakhs, who will fund It

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Its easy to put halt station at Trumpet flyover airport workers, This will cost just 40 Lakhs and GOK nor Railways are willing to do this for their own vested interest even after 10 yrs of Airport construction started way back in 2006 and opened in 2008. This is track record of our Garden City Bangalore


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This place Halt station should have been built during Airport

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During Airport Construction in 2005,  GOK should have got halt station built and some services from Cantonment or Yesvanthpur could  have been started

NH-7 is just few meters from the railway track, this is where Halt should have been built n 2005


Toll both just adjacent to Railway Track


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News report on KIAL Halt station

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Google Map of Where Halt station can be located

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One day Airport Halt station also will become like this soon if

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One day Airport Halt station also will become like this soon  if this facility is enabled  in next few months soon,

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MPLAD Funding can make this dream reality By Rajeev Gowda

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Rajeev Gowda as an MP your good gesture will help thousands of people. Please take this forward with Railway officials of SWR and get this important station into action, which is pending for 10 years. comment guidelines

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