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Double Decker Mayhem on RV rd - EC metro route

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Bangalore has borne the brunt of bad engineering when it comes to road works. Thousands of crores are being spent mindlessly on projects with no actual value. The flyovers projects are the worst of the implementations, there are very few bridges which have proved their worth. A recent report on that can be seen here:

But unfortunately the govt is moving ahead with more of these mindless monstrocities..where the city is still trying to move private vehicles than supporting mass public transport completely.

One of the crazy plans is for a double decker bridge on the Marenahalli road in Jayanagar. Here the RV rd - Bommasandra metro line is suposed to have a long road bridge also starting near the Ragigudda station. This is to be located at the Akka Mahadevi Park, which will be completely lost due to the  construction. And so will the other park on this stretch next to AAB at Udupi garden junction. COnsiderable part of Jayadeva hospital will also be encraoched on.

All this for what? So that the public can eventually ditch the metro and drive their cars over this long 'flyover' to they work places ??

Yes, today Marenahallu road and Silk Board junction is badly plagued by traffic woes. One of the worst in the world. But to fix a traffic issue, the first logical step is to understand what is the demographics of that particualr place. The time when the congestion is the highest and what constitutes road traffic there. It can easy to see that the office commuters moving from south towards HSR/ORR and  Electronic city constitute a major part of the traffic there and the metro is the solution for them.

Metro has to made the ONLY solution for the commuters there

There are 3 major metro interchanges coming up on this stretch separated by just 1-2 kms:

  1. RV road - with Green Line
  2. Jayadeva - with Gotigere line
  3. Silk Board - with ORR line

This will practically make the marenahalli section (Jayanagar/bsk/JP ngr/BTM/Madivala) the best connected region by mass public transport. Rest of Bangalore also will find connections to get to EC and ORR through this. This is the best that anyone can ask for. SO then what is the need for the road bridge there??

Let us not over engineer and make a mess of the situation. Road capacity augmentation has not helped anywhere. Not building the road bridge will also spare a lot of money which can be used for metro or other useful purposes. Hope sense prevails!

There was a time the earlier BMRCL MD when asked about roads around metro..had said that BMRCL is only there to run trains. I wish that could remain just that for the good of all!


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possible..sensible solution

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As discussed above Marenahalli road is slated to become the best connected section for mass public transport solution in the whole of the city, with 3 major interchanges in short distance apart.

However there are some road related interventions also needed..

1. Underpass at 11th main Jayanagar (RS Mutt)

2. Bridge at Jayadeva

3. Bridge at Udupi Garden Jn

With the last two, the ORR section can be made signal free from Jayadeva to Silkboard. Silkboard jn will automatically get de-cluttered with public moving to the metro.

So its high time we stop the insane plan to over engineer solutions and spend precious resources on unwanted and harmful plans! comment guidelines

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