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footpath works - bbmp's perpetual money spinner

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The below picture is of the road works which have started this week on MG road. As can be seen,the exisiting concrete blocks have been removed an neatly piled up on the road..this will most probably be recycled on the same footpath eventually in the coming days.

The same road was done up just before the GIM which happened last month. 

  • What was the great hurry that this works had to be taken up within such a short time?
  • Did the foot path go so bad that it needed rework so fast?
  • There is TenderSURE road project approved on this road and is supposed to start soon..why this current rework being taken up before that?

There are various such questions which crop up. Probably an RTI will provide us information on the money being spent on this project as well as the one done few weeks earlier for the GIM.

BBMp tried unsuccessfully to address  this 'unwanted' tender contracts issue by bringing an  internet site having list of all the works (road history) few months ago..

However this site does not have much records at all.

Such unwanted road 'projects' are routinely undertaken accorss the city just with one intention. And this is very visible.

Wish someone can put a stop to this criminal drain of resources!



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BMRCL pays..thats why..

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Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike said the cost of the project is Rs 36 crore of which one-third is borne by the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) and the rest by the state government. “We will improve 80 km of footpaths on both sides of the 40-km stretch. The work will be carried out in a phased manner,” said a BBMP engineer. The engineer clarified that these footpaths will not be developed under TenderSURE specifications.

more here

So they had to start with MG road which is slated to be done up under TenderSURE specs too?? Why the blatant lies??

Theres absolutely no accountability of any sort with money being splurged on unwanted projects!

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work status <update>

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work has come to a stand still..NAPC the contractor has moved in some concrete blocks and they are done with the funds I guess..

Another tactic in BBMP to milk the exchequer..start works and stop midway stating approved funds all spent up and will ask for more..the BBMP mafia 'approves' the extra payment when there is some public outrage on the undone work.. comment guidelines

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