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Cheaper flyovers because of AAP?

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Kejriwal said, “This project was sanctioned Rs 250 crores. But we have completed in Rs 150 crore. We have saved Rs 100 crore. And the work is done only within 9 months of coming to power. This shows that if we have political will, then serving the people is not impossible

more here about the flyover

Giving all the credit to the state govt..some important retrospective questions come to mind..

Why was so much extra money allocated to the project in the first place?

What action is being taken on officers who approved 100 cr addtl cost?

About lessions for the future..

There are few tech details coming out as to why its turned cheaper and the prime on that is use of ' precast spans' , this is not new tech at all. Many flyover have been done precast  way since decades..

If indeed its some new pathbreaking tech, why is Gadkari not part of it and how can states including Karnataka can benefit from it?


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