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The adieu to the Majestic bus stand!

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"Kempe Gowda or Majestic bus station may soon become history as the government has initiated the process of decentralization of the bus terminals.
Soon after setting up of the satellite terminals, around 200-300 KSRTC buses will ply from each of the terminals. "Each of the new terminal at an estimated cost of Rs 15-20 crore is expected to take about a year for construction," he added.

However, Ashoka said the Majestic bus stand will be revived once work on the Metro is complete. But it will cease to be a centralized terminus for all buses, since a part of the land will be handed over to BMRC for Metro station. "

more here

The hub and spoke model that Majestic/Market/Shivajinagar has, that we all felt was not scalable and useful, is finally seems to be dying its natural death with the metro coming in!

However there is lot of work to be done. Mr Ashok makes a generic statement..

"we will take up construction of 10 more satellite stations across Bangalore depending on land availability"

I believe the focus should be more to build a synergy with the metro and have BMTC as the feeder and KSRTC having all its operations exclusively from the TTMC's only!


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gardens/lakes in majestic?

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...KSRTC is moving its bus stand to TTMC's and satellite bus stands and hopefully the depot also moves with it..then possibly we will be seeing reduction in bus traffic at majestic by atleast half, if not more.

Then why do we need such a big facility..can we not make place for gardens and lakes..

Has any traffic study done to plan the capacity?

Remember it was a lake bed that the current bus stand stands.. I still remember fairs being held on this lake bed few years ago!

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Majestic Underpass

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Majestic Underpass
The bus/train commuters using this underpass are grateful to the Transport Minister for having ordered the sprucing up of the same. (TOI dt. 21st April).
However the woes of the users go deeper as this ill-designed underpass with numerous steps, curves, sloping passages (which get slippery in wet weather) is not at all user-friendly. It takes more than 45 minutes for a commuter to negotiate from bus platform to train platform or vice-versa, the hardship being all the more for senior citizens, women and children carrying luggage.
The use of this underpass should be minimised by re-routing the BMTC buses along the road between the bus/railway stations with suitable bus bays (as is done at Chennai Central Station) to enable the commuters to board/alight easily '.
BMTC should also run Volvo services to the City station on the lines of the Airport services by diverting the present Volvo buses via the railway station.
The Transport Minister should instruct BMTC to implement the above soon in coordination with Traffic Police and South Western Railway.


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Majestic bus stns will remain

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KSRTC & BMTC bus terminals will remain at Majestic, but will be scaled down since some part of their land is being handed over to BMRC for Metro facilities. Since there isn't enough space for these bus terminals for future expansion, new satellite terminals are being created which will help reduce congestion.

Majestic bus terminals are necessary at the same location to help inter-modal transfers since inter-city rail & Metro rail stations will also be nearby.

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Hub n spoke for BMTC

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All the bus stations in teh city must be made as flow in flow out, which should stop only for a limited time - say 3 minutes.

In many cases at the KG bus stand, the buses are parked in the platform in a hapazard manner, and the drivers are not to be seen. This creates un necessary mess. At times, teh blockage of the station is so bad that the buses will be lined up all along the road upto the bridge.

The two arms of the trip could be merged. Say, instead of running Majestic- yelahanka and Majestic Electronics city, a single bus should ply between yelahanka and Electronics city via Majestic/Shivajinagar/Market/shantinagar, which would stop for about 2 minutes at Majestic/Shivajinagar/Market/Shantinagar.

Managing the traffic on the outskirts is far better than in the heart of the city.

All TTMCs should be planned on teh major highways/roads on the outskirts-Athibele/Bannerughatta/Anekal/sarjapura/Kadugodi/Hosakote/Bagalur/Yelahanka/Hesaraghatta/Nelamangala/Magadi road/Bidadi/Utharahalli/, etc. The network should have the strong grid along the periphery and in turn integrated through KBS/Shantinagar/Shivajinagar/Market/Mysore road terminal/Yeshwantpur terminal.

All black board buses could be made as an internal network across the old city area.

Volvo routes are a lot confusing. The bus that will be 335E while entering Majestic will become 45 or 287 or 276 on entry. If a person travelling from HAL to Vidyaranyapura on 335E he will not have the information that the same bus would continue to Vidayaranyapura, and hence would get down at Majestic. This causes hardship esp. for senior citizens and physically handicapped.

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9 years

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 Though BMRCL claims it will finish construction of the underground Metro station within four years, the KSRTC will take another five years to complete the Inter Modal Transit Centre (IMTC).


4 more years to get metro connectivity to majestic?

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Risk of non co-ordination

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 9 years looks like either the reporters error or govt  'engineers view'..BMRCL and  KSRTC need to work very closely on what they are building..

Because of the NM there is a 'de-centralization' of KSRTC services..which is good! The TTMC's and Satelite stations should start playing a major role from now on in handling region wise traffic..and this will affect the number of busses that will eventually ply from majestic itself in future!

Maybe just luxury busses like the airavatha's/volvo's  can start from majestic that too in limited numbers when metro is ready and all other express services can start from the other TTMC/Satellite stations..

The planners should keep this in mind when they are working out the designs for the TTMC

Coming back to majestic..there is a link road from Krishna Floor mill(connecting malleshwaram/mantri mall) called the Danvantri road..this has been one of the most under utilized roads around majestic..what ever structure they are building at majestic should take care of traffic on this that its used optimally..!

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Slip roads unusable

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there is a link road from Krishna Floor mill(connecting malleshwaram/mantri mall) called the Danvantri road..this has been one of the most under utilized roads around majestic

One side of this road is already used. The one way scheme around the bus stand makes buses from Malleshwaram come up to the bus station using the road but on the way back they have to go to seshadri road. The ramp size on the slip roads do not allow for buses to come down from seshadri road and join the main road unless they came all the way around shantala silks. The one way scheme garunteed a non signal/jam free entry & exit for buses. The could easily widen the ramp to take buses down from Seshadri road. but that may cause the buses from railway station side to cut across 5 lanes of traffic to take the slip road causing jams.

Javascript is required to view this map.

Take a look at zoning map of the IMTC on page 4 of this plan. The structure indicates entry & exit on both the railway station side & sangam theater side (big green blobs) but is not clear if there will be ramps to allow for signal free entry & exit from both sides or the existing one way system will remain.

Looking further down the plan only level 903 (depot level) is both sides. Level 896 (BMTC level) & Level 910 (KSRTC) appears to be Sangam theater side only. which may mean only depot vehicles get both sides asccess while operational buses get sangam theater side only.

I may be reading the map wrong. This will be a good question to ask when we meet KSRTC and understand if they have conceptualized the routing around the IMTC already.

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No detailed planning...

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No detailed planning...but they have already a Pizza hut outlet !



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Jugaad around majestic..(part 1)

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 The reason I pointed to the Danvantri road is because of the permanent 'jugaad' setup for traffic on this road currently..

1. The lanes to drive are reversed, incoming traffic is on the left and outgoing is on the right..this is because BMTC wanted exclusivity on this road for Bus only traffic

2, Because of this there is a chicken neck at krishna floor mill jn where bus traffic from Rajajinagar/vijaynagar side makes a unholy 'U' turn

3. Because of this BMTC traffic exclusivity, one of the slip roads is rendered completely un-usable 

More in the pic here

This has to be addressed with the TTMC so that the traffic is corrected on this road and some sanity prevails..after 20 odd years now!

Btw didnt find a equivalent word for 'Jugaad' in guess it shouldnt find a place in Bangalore!

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The could easily widen the

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The could easily widen the ramp to take buses down from Seshadri road. but that may cause the buses from railway station side to cut across 5 lanes of traffic to take the slip road causing jams.

An alternative could be rezoning the stands to make all Malleswaram buses use the easternmost portion of the outer circle (orange arc). A special exit (red line) would link them back to Dhanavantri road before the underpass. Add in a quick changing signal (something like a Ramp meter) and that would help inbound and outbound buses cross each other safely and efficiently.

Further up the road, the jugaad actually help with the help of the dreaded magic box....provided SWR (who I am assuming owns that land) is willing. A unidirectional 1-lane underpass (orange box) can free up Platform Rd traffic while a bus-only surface U-turn and (blue line) and traffic exiting KBS follow the yellow line.

Of course, as ids says all this needs to be looked at in light of the IMTC plan and now, possibly this



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Mejestic Metro station disconnected, MP Visit

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Today, PC Mohan had a detailed inspection of the area around #Majestic which is the hub of public transport,  to understand the ground realities.
The KSRTC terminus, BMTC bus stand, and Railway station need to have seamless integration with the KBS metro station.
He found that there are many gaps that can be easily set right if all the stake holders work together

Inspite  of so many months over,  BMRCL does not  feel the pain of commuters and  sorry state during rains & hot summer comment guidelines

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