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Yaara Appana Mane Gantu?

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Everything else

or 'Yaara Appana hesaralli Saala?'

The above line depicts it better 'Whose loan is it anyways'..we all know BBMP/Govt coffers are empty and they are living on loans..but what are they doing about it? Nothing..all they are doing is :

  • Promoting an Akrama called  'Sakrama'
  • Announcing lavish plans to Blr
  • Re-modelling Blr

If you guys have observed, all the bus stops are being uprooted since the last week..perfectly functional bus stops complete with steel furniture has been diamatled. And the plan is to replace them.


There is another instance of an over zealous authorities who are remodelling some of them in question is the BDA park in Avalahalli. This one as depicated below had good functional fence in everything has been uprooted and they are redoing it!

Why Why Why??

Why arent we taking on more important projects and spending money in the right way?

Why everything is always election oriented?


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I am also upset

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I agree with Srinidhi. I jst noted few weeks back Koramangala Canara Bank busstop suddenly lost its waiting benches which were really good (granite ones). I dont think public were never informed the intention/schedules/goal of such removal. To date, I dont see any progress. So common man is suffering (as usual).

In general, the BBMP(any normal govt. organization) never notifies public any of such work , specifically which causes inconvience to public. I checked their website as well, but in vain.



" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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BMTC'avara gantu

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Just so you know BBMP has transferred bus stops to BMTC. This is all BMTC budget now and they probably want to put it where they want it. Of course I dont know if this means they have to destroy everything. And more importantly if the buses still wont stop in the bus stand it will be time to bring down the house.

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Wastage of taxpayers money for kickbacks ?

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All bus stops are yet to be transferred to BMTC.

The bus stop at Domlur now has a large panel with map & displays route nos. of buses that halt there. Here, they have not replaced the old bus shelters, but only added the side panel for the map /route nos. I did take some pictures to post online, but somehow, they got corrupted - will try again.

I did notice many bus shelters being erected in place of the old ones (eg. in front of Corpn office). I'm not sure these are being done scientifically at all since the design for these new shelters are similar (ie. they occupy large parts of sidewalks). The only addition is the free standing panel with map & bus route nos.

So, it is confounding to understand - why on earth is it necessary to replace the old ones in entirity when locations are adjacent the old ones ? All that is needed is the additional panel, like the job done at domlur bus stop.

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Its all public money..

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BMTC or BBMP or BDA or anything..even if its a corporation or not!

For example, they laid a generous coat of asphalt for the new Thippasandra main road  few weeks was a tamasha blocking the road for 3 days for that. They have laid a good road, no doubt, atleast 3-4 inches thick..but what was the need!

I have been travelling on this road since a year and the old road just needed some pot holes to be filled..and that would have done..instead they lay the whole road..idu yaara 

Yella electiongagi!

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we didnt start the fire! ;)

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The Great Bus Shelter Scam

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The BBMP has instructed the tenderers to stop the work of dismantling old bus shelters immediately.

“The BBMP will re-examine the stability of the old bus shelters and take a decision on replacing them.”

The BBMP, however, maintained that the dismantled bus shelters were replaced as they were past their life span.

“The average life span is between seven and eight years. These bus shelters need to be replaced with new ones with improved design and quality,” the letter said.


BBMP is an example of how best public money can be misued for wastage, helping themselves to more kickbacks in the process !

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turning night into day?

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This is the 8th cross, Koramangala (which takes off from near Canara Bank and ends at the Kripanidhi College jn). On the footpath on the left is the existing string of Sodium vapour lamp street-lights providing more than adequate lighting for the road. And, lo and behold, now comes a fresh string of street-lghts on the opposite footpath. The poles are taller, and the lamps may be a grade or two higher than Sodium vapour, to provide for brighter lighting with a better spread. But, was it required? Not quite in my opinion. If the BBMP has excess money, why doesn't it put it better use? For instance to clear these footpaths.

And, equally interesting, as pointed out by a resident, is the fact that this was amongst the many roads done up totally under the IT/ BT corridor improvement scheme just a few years back. In the process, ducts had been laid along the footpaths for running all fresh cabling. All the same, the new set of street-lights are apparently going to be powered through cabling strung across the poles.

"Yaara Appana Mane Gantu?" - when are the tax payers going to be raising the question?

Muralidhar Rao
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Sodium Vapor Lamps - needed?

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 There are many streets..gullies where over  zealous corporators have got sodium vapor lamps installed..some of these roads are less than 10 ft in such instances are these high intensity vapor lamps needed?

They are a bleed of resources..tubelights were doing their job well till sometime ago.

Since these vapor lamps give public  a 'visible' proof that the politicians have delivered..they go about installing these..

I stayed in a street where the tubelights were replaced by these vapor lamps and I couldnt sleep due to the intensity...I had to change my curtains to thicker ones to block the light!

They consume more power and Installation is costly, still why are we going for these..?..and I dont see the famed students who are studying under these lights either!


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Expert advise

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 They consume more power and Installation is costly, still why are we going for these..?

Ill informed idiots drive these decisions. Mostly these bozos are the councillors themselves or their trusted sidekick. It wont even be backed up by any best practices of following of norm but on the basis of adivse from a self proclaimed expert of 1960's generation from the local RWA. This is why there are rule books, like IRC etc which need to be followed blindly by these people. If intelligence is needed they should go and put it in the rule book and not implement by themselves so they dont cause damage in the name of doing good.

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Bus Stand on Mysore road..will be gone!!

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 Swanky bus stand has been built close to Gopalan Mall..dont know the cost..but surely will be expensive..but this will not be there after next 15 days!


This is because they are widening the road there and this stand has to be removed for the expansion!

Yaara duddu bidi!

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another BBMP miss-adventure

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Dunno how much they spent actually but the project of planting 'ficus' plants on the median of the mysore road flyover was done with much fanfare..more than 200 big pots were placed with plants.. But simple facts were not considered..traffic corridors are not a place for saplings, as the vehicles spew lot of bad pollutants which kill them anyway! Now after few months of planting the greenery has turned brown'ary' and the plants are dying!! Yaara appana mane gantu anyway!
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same story elsewhere too

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Excerpts from "Moneylife", Mumbai (for the full report, click here):

Nitin Desai said, "The Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) wants to similarly renovate other popular gardens across the city through this one single contractor. If this is so, one can only imagine the wasteful expenditure they will incur."

Work orders for renovation in gardens 'A' and 'B' describe the replacement of old lampposts at a cost of Rs50,000, inclusive of fittings and wiring. In garden 'A' 31 new lampposts, which the BMC says are 'antiques'. In Garden 'B', where there were originally just four lampposts in the centre, 33 new lampposts have been installed on the sidewalks.

The total cost is said to be Rs7.4 lakh. The wiring costs totals Rs7.67 lakh. The activists said that when they inquired at some shops about similar wrought-iron lampposts models they were given an estimate of about Rs2,000 each.

The old concrete benches that were donated by Ghanshyam Saraf Trust were perfectly functional, and still pulled out and replaced with new benches that cost Rs 30,000 each. Twenty-nine benches have been placed in garden 'A' at a cost of about Rs9 lakh.

And, in Namma Bengaluru, we have elected a whole lot of contractors as our representatives. Their prime objective of course is to generate work, bag contracts, and milk the tax payer. Once again points to the immediate election reforms so that we get the right kind of people to represent us.

Muralidhar Rao
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BBMP removes all pots from flyover median..

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or what ever was left of it on the sirsi  circle flyover..

its been only 13 months since they were moved in there as I stated in my post above..

unfortunately BBMP never learns or listens!

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More bungling

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BBMP inaugurates project without a plan


The Mayor inaugurated renovation work on Sirsi Circle flyover (better known as the Mysore Road flyover)in August; but two months later, the verification process of the renovation plan submitted by an agency is still on.

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