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Bangalore going la Paris way for Bikes!

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For those wishing to travel short distances by bicycles in the business district of Bangalore, Paris-style, here’s good news 

The Union Ministry of Urban Development is planning to introduce the concept of “pool cycle” in the Garden City...

Bicycles will be stationed at important points like bus stands, parks and shopping areas. Paying a nominal fee, anyone can take a bicycle for a short-distance ride and park it in a designated area.

Excellent news for all..however there are questions on the timing..major biz districts like MG road are now dugup for the metro work and there is no place for any vehichles and the risk of introducing this.

  • This is best started once at least the metro line from Byp-MG road is ready and usable
  • This can be a great boon for the last mile connectivity..everywhere around metro stations
  • Safety of bike riders needs to be taken care of..the roads as of today are not conducive for bike riding
  • Exclusive bike lanes even in the opposite directions on one ways will encourage bikers

Lets see how this plan is implemented..did I hear Das say something?? Btw any idea which is the NGO being referred to in the news item?

Interestingly this is being done by the central govt..since when did they start using blr, with an opp party at the helm, for pilots?!


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Need to see it to believe it

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A lot of these proposals either remain on paper unfortunately or get killed within a couple of months in Bangalore. Am waiting to see their implementation. Anyone have any idea about the actual project plan? comment guidelines

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