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How green is the mile?

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The greatest charm of the Bangalore city is the fact that it is the garden city of India. While cities like Delhi, Mumbay and Kolkata cannot survive a day without CNG, Bangalore still has gushes of fresh air to offer. The roads of Bangalore have a cool breezy feel due to the trees around the sidewalk. Unfortunately Bangalore is loosing this charm.

According to a recent survey, ten thousand trees have been cut in Bangalore over the past 4 years in the name of developmental projects like metro and road widening. And how many vehicles have been registered in the past 4 years? 8 lakh!! Therefore, for every tree that is cut, 80 new vehicles are added in the city of Bangalore, 'officially'!

Many of us may have reasons to believe that there are trees being planted to compensate for the loss. Well, infact this is happening. But the trees being planted are either fast growing trees (whose roots don't go deep), or are planted in cemented sidewalks (so that water never seeps within and strengthens their roots). As a result, many of these newly planted trees fall everytime there is a thunderstorm, resulting in major traffic jams and inconvenience.

Let's do all that it takes to keep namma Bangalore green and clean!

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