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Is Yeddy misusing BMTC buses?


Wouldn't you like to know if Yeddy is paying from his pocket for the self promoting Ads that are appearing on the back of BMTC Buses? If Karnataka government is paying for these ads, then what is the justification for this spending? Even if there is a legally justifiable reason, why should these ads have full body picture of Yeddy?

'Suggestions for BESCOM'


Action seems to be picking up at BESCOM, with a new Power Minister few months ago, and a new commissioner now. Pasting below, from an email exchange, some ideas for BESCOM and Energy situation in Bangalore, from Mr. MC.


Business-Standard's double standards - worse than Tata's?


Since I read almost all editorials carried by Business Standard, read their (Mr T N Ninnan's?) take today on Tata's Rs 15 cr remark as well. To quote the editorial:

Mr. Tata has neither been brave nor has he served the cause of good governance. His tangential remarks this week ... make him look smaller.

Domestic Tourism - Bangalore and Karnataka


Domestic tourism is a powerful economic activity. It holds the potential to bridge the urban-rural divide in our state. We live in a very beautiful state, with range of tourism options - leisure, pilgrimage, nature, history or health/medical. Karnataka has a tourism ministry, but its performance and focus on domestic tourism is largely unchecked and not monitored.

The FIFO concept to reduce corruption


Its probably time for some Praja-style talk on the subject of corruption. What would be some quick win and practical measures to start dealing with this "elephant in the room" we have accepted to live with?

Chennai Metro contractors - anything new, different?

Metro RailPublic Transport

Just out of curiosity, was looking at home page of Chennai Metro Rail corporation (CMRL) to find the list of awarded tenders. Wanted to see if it is the same set of companies (as in Bangalore) carrying out works there, or if there are any new & different names.

Interchange hubs for inter-city travelers in Bangalore?

Public Transport

How is Bangalore doing on Interchanges or transit centers? Not to be mixed with the burning need for local transit / bus change centers, where TTMCs have simply not filled the gap, and changing buses is a painfully inconvenient thing in general, the problem area is with long distance public transport. How do people arrive at the city, and then go to their final destination point?

Why is BBMP broke - where is the money?

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

We are told that BBMP is broke, they have no money. How many of us know the reaon why. A growing city, with so much commerce (IT, BT and all) going on, how exactly would it be broke? No english is required to explain things, numbers always tell their story.

'BMTC tweaks fares to fleece commuters'!?

BusPublic Transport

Vasanth, Pathy sir and some others have always complained that BMTC fares are too high. Two senior citizens from Marathahalli claim that BMTC is charging far higher than prescribed fares. From the Hindu:

New scam brewing at BBMP, their infra website, and a simple advice


Recent reports in local dailies suggest that there may have been bogus or excess-spend projects to swindle money at BBMP. Apparently, some works were carried out without following all procedures, and good number of such projects involved road digging or similar work along the Metro corridor (where one would assume Metro itself would have taken up such work). Anyway, nothing new there.

Chennai's elevated BRT system

BusPublic Transport

While Bangalore planners are still toying with BRT concept, Chennai seems to have an elevated corridor identified for BRT (Bus Rapid Transport System). Wonder if we have some Chennai geeks here who can enlighten how the corridor was identified, and history of the BRT idea in Chennai in general.

Lobby for BRT in Bangalore - focus Big10, Circle routes?

BusPublic Transport

First things first. If you don't like BRT, think it absolutely can't be done, please keep out, and discuss on other posts. This thread is for those who think that BRT in some sort or form (dedicated corridors, only at some places, or priority signals, or bus only magic boxes, or whatever) is needed for Bangalore, and can possibly be done.

Bangalore Police - performance data


So, how much do you know about Police's performance. Policing is on part of infrastructure that doesn't get 'reviewed' as such. And thanks to movies and what not, our take on police is mostly based on misconpcetions, and not data.

GoK's social sector work - Healthcare?

Public Health

Syed attempted to start a deeper look at Karnataka's programs in healthcare sector. Wanted to check if some online voluteers (search 'warriors') are interested to join in to dig out data and details on how state is doing in this important social sector.

For starters, there are three broad headings under which state is spending money in this sector

New green belt projects from BDA?


On the eprocurement website, spotted two interesting tenders from BDA for work in the green belt zone.

Seeds for raising plantation in green belt

Procurement of approximately one lakh quality seedlings for Raising plantations in BDA Layouts, Government lands, Streams, Lakes, Nallas etc., of green belt area Bangalore

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