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City Buses in PPP mode - Bhubaneswar. Why not Mysore?

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Did you know that Bhubaneswar operates Buses in PPP model? They may be planning a BRT too in PPP or outsourced model (see another post for details). Any idea on population and size of Bbsr? 9 lakhs, 135 sqkm. Mysooru? Almost the same, close to 10 lakhs, 130 sqkm.

Clippings from an attached ppt attributed to Mr Saurabh Garg, an IAS officer from Orissa (Odissa?)

  • Bhubaneswar-Puri Transport Services Limited (BPTSL), a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), has been established to plan, contract and monitor the city bus services.
  • The SPV has equity & paid up capital of Rs- one crore. Stake holders are BDA, BMC, OSRTC, PKDA & Puri Municipality.

The equivalents for Mysooru would be MUDA, MCC, and perhaps KSRTC

  • BPTSL signed an agreement with the Private Operator- DREAM TEAM SAHARA- selected through a competitive bidding process, to operate the bus services on PPP mode. The Operator has operationalised the city bus services.
  • Already 100 buses are running in 13 routes covering Bhubaneswar, Puri and Cuttack benefitting 37,000 to 42,000 passengers daily.

Now, more

The operator has paid Rs.3.40Crore as Up-Front Fees.  ... The Operator also pays to BPTSL the Route Authorization Fee (RAF) on monthly basis. The monthly RAF varies from Rs2.52Lakh to Rs 2.79Lakh.

Sharing revenue from advertisement

BPTSL has the right to advertise on buses but the same is managed by the operator. 20% of the revenue generated from such advertisement goes to BPTSL and the rest 80% to the operator

Now, for Mr Garg's take on lessons learnt

- Stiff opposition from unorganised private players like auto-rickshaw Association, private bus Association.
- Excellent response from commuters ... Major users include daily labourers, low income groups, women, school & college going students and low paid employees in both Govt. and private establishments

Also mentioned, some reasons for success

- Efficiency of Private Partner
- Automated fare revision formula linked with Price Index and fuel price gives confidence to the Operator financially.

Isn't it about time to try such model at Karnataka. Bangalore may be tough and complicated due to huge employee count at BMTC. Plus enough of Bangalore Bangalore. Other cities deserve better. And wouldn't KSRTC be large hearted enough to try this in Mysore? Let them focus on inter-city buses, and on intra-city, they could start specializing in regulating such PPPs.

BRT at Mysore, in PPP model? Possible?


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Mysore CTTP

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Forgot about it completely, wonder if the report done for Mysore is ready and public now.

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Right ingredients!

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Went through the presentation and felt good about the plan and implementation. If you remember, with the help of Narayanan's zone system, we had also presented similar proposal (Road Based Public Transport System), though a much comprehensive one to BMTC and ABIDe.

It is will worthwhile to mention here that, Bhubaneswar has got all the right ingredients and direction to be successful. The important ones are:

  1. Formation/Plans for Unified Metropolitan Transit Authority (UMTA) with powers and regulatory authority overseeing all the planning and implementation of urban transport.
  2. Formation of an SPV to plan, contract and monitor the bus service.
  3. Making all the civic agencies stakeholder in the SPV.
  4. Making best use of private participation - Private operator to be the service provider bus service.
  5. Recognizing the interests of commuters, private participators and city management agencies.

If these would be the ingredients in plans for a PT system, I don't see why this will not work in any city including Bengaluru.

It is just a matter of vision and will to do it. comment guidelines

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