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Pre-announcing upcoming projects - contact us if interested

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Public Transport

On behalf of Praja RAAG, wanted to pre-announce a few projects in the area of public transportation (most popular subject here) that are on the anvil. We will take a couple of these forward depending on interest levels and availability of enthusiastic individuals who have been driving such projects. Deliverable for each of these is a clear and crisp report, which can be used by anyone in the larger Praja community or outside to push for the concepts (aka advocacy).

  1. Old Airport Road - comprehensive corridor improvement analysis. The corridor is deeply congested, and has no direct mass transit or other investment planned for it.
  2. BPS concept paper for Big-10 route going though Koramangala to Sarjapur. This other corridor too has nothing big planned for it, more so because Monorail plans that were announced have not been making any headway
  3. Namma Metro + BMTC connectivity: Conrete on-ground observation based report on what can be done to improve Bus-Metro connect. Report should have micro-analysis - of a few selected stations/spots.
  4. Whitefield suburban mobility plan - recommendation like report to focus on a suburban area (ex: Whitefield). So far, the focus of most thinking around has been Bangalore at large, but a growing suburban area has more dimensions to it than just the trunk-connectivity with the mother town.
  5. LRT/Monorail type concepts for Tier-2 cities of Karnataka, can pick Mysore. Its time to think beyond Bangalore, in serious ways, for the future is there, perhaps not in almost-beyond-repair Bangalore :)

You could respond by way of comments stating interest, or through emails or private messages to Murali, idontspam or myself. Please DO NOT start discussions on the subjects itself, there are lots of other past posts to do that. Idea here is to see if above 5 has interest from others, and then pick at least 2 to move forward.

SB aka Pranav, on behalf of Praja RAAG.

PS: BTW, nothing stops you from pursuing a project outside of above 5, and making your own call for volunteers. This happens to be a call from Praja RAAG, a group of 18 individuals who use website to plan and execute their projects :) Other groups are also free to do the same. Just contact admin to register your group.


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Going once, going twice ...

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Metro/BMTC connectivity seems to be popular one so far. We are waiting for enthusiastic readers to sign up for any of these five.

Work would involve a few visits on the ground, teleconferences, skype calls, and jointly writing the output - a report.

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Add 'Helping Accident victim' campaign!

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You may add 'Help Accident Victim' awareness campaign to this year's project list.

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