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Mobility planning for Whitefield area - lets make it happen

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Public Transport

This is for the residents/commuters of Whitefield / Mahadevapura area. We have discussed connectivity problems of the area in detail. Through few Praja-RAAG projects and initiatives from more readers, we have also detailed solution concepts that can be applied around Bengaluru (Cycling, Last Mile, Bus Priority System, Commuter Rail System, more). Why not apply parts of these and the wisdom we create through discussions at local area level, to the suburban area of Mahadevapura / Whitefield, and make 'rubber hit the read' as they say? And in the process, we could evolve new concepts, standards for other areas to improve or emulate? And most important, we will see and learn first hand the 'practical' problems in 'making ideas happen'.

There is a Mahadevapura Agenda Task Force (MATF), chaired by local MLA Arvind Limbavalli. This group has had a role in nice pavements, improvement to roads in interior halli's of Whitefield, more buses for the suburban region, etc (listing mobility related work that I know of). Let few of us get in and start a "Mahadevapura Mobility Management Initiative". I have spoken to a few people (most notable, R K Misra) who volunteer at MATF, and they will be happy to get such support and help.

I will get started on this via some meetings this week. As they say, charity begins at home. Look forward to more Whitefield area Praja guys joining in.

Will start a project area for this (Mahadevapura Mobility Management Initiative) once a few meetings happen.


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met with Rotary club folks today

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Met with some very cooperative rotary club folks today at a meeting this morning. They are starting on Environment related initiatives for Whitefield area, Mobility improvements work would link to that as well. Connected with a fellow public transport enthusiast Nitesh.

Once there are 3-4 people for the group, will plan a meeting. For a change, won't have to cross Outer Ring Road for project meetings. Perks of local focus :)

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Commuter Rail - Namma Metro Combination

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One thing that comes to my mind is extension of Namma Metro to whitefield from Byappanahalli. With Reach 1 all set to launch in Sep 15th, work should get started for the extension.

Until then.. can a shuttle train run on IR tracks between Whitefield station to Byappanahalli at around 30 mins frequency or so whenever the tracks are free. From BYPL, people can hop on to Namma Metro. Whitefield to MGRoad can be reached in around 30-35 minutes. Question is can SWR do this? comment guidelines

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