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Solid waste to energy - BBMP's first plant ready?

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Noticed an interesting tender from BBMP last week. It calls for:

Request for proposal (RFP) for Development and Operation of facility for conversion of mixed Municipal Waste Plastics to Fuel – 10TPD Capacity on (BOT) basis.

Value estimated is Rs 10 crore. Must be a random estimate, because apparently, an 8 MW Waste-to-energy plant is in-progress at Mandur. As per someone's tag at wikimapia, it is:

Project of M/s. Srinivasa Gayithr Resource Recovery Limited, Bangalore, 8 MW Power Generation from Municpal Solid Waste on Public Private Partnership with Bruhath Bangalore Mahanagar Palike

In the list of PPP projects in Karnataka (source: Infrastructure Development Department or IDD), a similar project is mentioned. "Waste to energy project-Mandur, cost Rs 70 Crore, status "construction", note: "Project involves setting up a 8 MW solid waste based power plant covering an area of 85 acres land."

As per this DH news report in Jan 2011 (BBMP inks deal on waste ...) a Mumbai based company, ORS seemed to have impressed BBMP as well as the news reporter:

“Bangalore generates 5,000 tonnes of solid waste every day and BBMP pays Rs 66 per tonne to contractors to transport and process the waste. But ORS will buy the waste at Rs 27 per tonne and process into a recycling unit. The BBMP can expect more than Rs one crore revenue from the power plant,”

To annoy you with more conflicting stats, here is this from the same DH report, Jan 2011:

BBMP announced that it had awarded tenders to recycle 1,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste using ‘Urban Waste to Energy’ green technologies. The Palike has allotted 25 acres of land in Mandur near Hoskote to set up the plant at a cost of Rs 110 crore. 

This tender could be for some new work being planned with ORS. Would this be second such plant for BBMP then? How is the first one working out at Mandur? Would be good to know more about these interesting projects from those who may be in the know.



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cost is definitely way off

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Would be really good to know what these projects are all about.  10 Crore is definitely way off.  As a reference, a coal power plant costs about 6 crores capital cost per Mega Watt capacity.  So a 10 MW plant should copst at least 60 crores.  Since it is waste to enery, there will be waste procesing involved as well as lower efficiency / output.  The 70 crore number for 8 MW is probably more in the correct range. comment guidelines

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